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A Friend for Grace... Part 2

“Mama,” I whisper, “why’d we come to town today?” More importantly, why are we at the train station? She doesn't answer me or maybe she didn't hear me. I glance around, trying to find a clue as to why we’re here. I find nothing. If I had the courage to ask Papa, I would-- but I’m not in the mood to hear him snap at me to “hush up.”

A newspaper stand next to the ticket booth-- if it could be called that-- snags my attention and, suddenly, I know why we’re here: to see the German immigrants arriving today, Tuesday. I’d read about it a couple of days ago in Papa’s newspaper. One question solved, a new one unanswered: why are we here to see the German immigrants? To greet them? No way. Papa is not the greeting sort-- he doesn't even say “good morning.” To be honest, if it wasn't for mama, my four sisters and I would die from lack of love.

A distant hoot! snakes into my thoughts, indicating that the answer to my question is to arrive soon. Looking at my sisters, I notice that they’re puzzled too and, yet, like me, they ask no questions. Correction: I did ask one-- but it wasn't answered, so that doesn't count. Hearing the hoot! closer, I devote my attention to the mammoth, black monster charging our way. Definitely scary looking. But what scares me more is the mystery the black monster will soon reveal. Positive thoughts, Grace, and stop being overly dramatic.

The train halts, emitting an ear-splitting screech. I wince. A small group of people straggle off the train. Definitely German. I scrutinize each person, viewing them as a possible threat. Or maybe I‘m just curious. Eventually, they all move away from the platform-- all except one boy clutching a small carpet bag, his eyes darting furtively from side to side.

Compassion fills my heart, then quickly fades away as Papa moves swiftly to the frightened boy and exchanges a few words with him. Maybe frightened is not the best word to describe him. Vulnerable yet strong is more fitting. There's a matureness about him that clashes with his young age-- maybe a year or two younger than me.

Papa reaches us, the boy at his side. He thrusts the boy forward. “This is Wilhelm,” Papa says in his usual brusque voice, “he will stay with us for an indefinite amount of time. His parents died on the voyage here to America. He’ll earn his stay by helping out on the farm.” Translation: he’ll become Papa’s slave. The pieces slam together in my brain. How many times had I heard Papa complain about having five daughters and no sons to help out with the farm? That the farm was too much for one man to manage by himself? Well, not quite by himself.

Protectiveness rises in my chest. It doesn't matter that Wilhelm is a stranger, he had just suffered a terrible loss. I will do all in my power to comfort you-- even if it means doing double my share of chores. It’s clear that mama and my sisters feel the same way as they make up for Papa’s coldness by welcoming Wilhelm warmly and embracing him. I stand in front of Wilhelm and beam my brightest smile. Taking his hand, I give it a warm shake. My welcome needs no words, I doubt he would understand me anyway.

His eyes lose some of their iciness, but he doesn't smile. I release his hand and  look around for Papa. He must have slipped off to prepare the horses for the journey back home. It’s just as well, I wouldn't want him overhearing my next words. I take hold of Wilhelm’s hand once again and peer into his pale blue eyes. “Wilhelm, I’m so sorry about your parents and I’m sure you must be frightened in this strange land all by yourself,” I say slowly, not caring that he probably doesn't understand me. These words must be said out loud. “I promise to care for and comfort you. I always wanted a brother,”-- I smile,--“and I pray that one day we’ll become the best of friends.” And, who knows?, you just might be the miracle I prayed for, to show Papa what it means to truly love.

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A Friend For Grace.... Part 1

I remember the day exactly. The first day of Fall, of the year 1867.  7:38 A.M.

I was sitting at my desk, writing. I love writing on days filled with sunshine and good weather.
Looking out my window, I could just feel and see the events of Fall happening already.

"Grace!" Mother called.

When I came from downstairs, Mother was waiting for me, as usual, so she could immediately tell me what needs to be done so I could start helping.

"Grace, I need you to get some eggs for breakfast, and feed the chickens, your Father
refilled the bucket with the feed last night, and said for you to give them three scoops
in the bucket, and to give them water." Said Mother.

"Alright!" answered Grace.
"You seem in a very joyful mood this morning Grace!"
"Yes! I love Fall!"
"Well we have a quite a bit of things to do so you will need it!"
"Okay Mother."

As I went outside, I just wanted to stop and glance at this wonderful season God had given us.
But, then I remembered, breakfast, and the chickens. So I hurried off, and feed the chickens, three scoops exactly, just as Father asked. And gave them water, collected the eggs, and headed to the house.

"Here you are Mother!" As I handed her the collection basket filled with enough eggs to feed our family of seven.

"Thank you Grace!" said Mother.
"Your Welcome!"
"Grace, could you start dusting the sitting room?"
"Thank you dear Grace! I don`t know what I would do without you some days!"

As I walked into the sitting room, I picked up the duster, and started to dust.
When I headed over to the tall wooden drawer cabinet, I saw a newspaper for that day.
I assumed it was Fathers from this morning. I picked it up, and read the headline.

                          "IMMIGRANTS FROM GERMANY
                      ARRIVING TUESDAY!"

                                       To Be Continued.....

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Thank You!

Thank you, girls, for making Hiding from Royalty such an awesome story!! You guys did great!

Kianna Rose, you get to start the next story!

It can be any time period, any place, with any characters. It's all up to you! Have fun!


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They End

Robert pulled the arrow out and saw it said M.O.J. All three girls started running. It was to late,The guards were everywhere. They did not look like normal guards. The all had something covering their face and it was only black cloth. They had mainly daggers,but some had bow and arrows. An hour later the merry men were all tied up to trees. Robert was tied up too. Hannah and Isabella were on the back of a horse with another man. Maria was tied to the front of a horse. The guards with their horses rode off. All the girls screamed. Then the man with the 2 sisters on his horse said "Girls it's okay". We are the Men Of Justice. Just then he took of his mask. It was father!!! "Daddy"! "Father"!! "Girls be quiet". "We do not want the guards to here you". "Yes,Father". Then, he gave a wink to they other men. They took of their masked too. The man that had Maria was her father. "We must go back" said Hannah. "Why", asked father. "Rob and his men are tied up. You see,they helped us escape. They were on our side.If we never go back then they would soon escape." "So"? "Then they would go to the castle because they thought you were guards. They think were in the castle locked up. "You are right". My father asked another man something. Then that man rode of. A long time after ,He came back with Rob and his men behind him. We all said our good bye's and took of. Our horse headed towards home. We got there and Mother was waiting outside. She ran up and gave us all a hug. They End. I started this story and want to give you some true history that I got from Wikipedia. John's personal life impacted heavily on his reign. Contemporary chroniclers state that John was sinfully lustful and lacking in piety.[121] It was common for kings and nobles of the period to keep mistresses, but chroniclers complained that John's mistresses were married noblewomen, which was considered unacceptable.[121] John had at least five children with mistresses during his first marriage to Isabelle of Gloucester, and two of those mistresses are known to have been noblewomen.[122] John's behaviour after his second marriage to Isabella is less clear, however. None of John's known illegitimate children were born after he remarried, and there is no actual documentary proof of adultery after that point, although John certainly had female friends amongst the court throughout the period.[123] The character of John's relationship with his second wife, Isabella of Angoulême, is unclear. John married Isabella whilst she was relatively young Рher exact date of birth is uncertain, and estimates place her between at most 12 and more probably towards nine years old at the time of her marriage.[125][nb 13] Even by the standards of the time, Isabella was married whilst very young.[126] John did not provide a great deal of money for his wife's household and did not pass on much of the revenue from her lands, to the extent that historian Nicholas Vincent has described him as being "downright mean" towards Isabella.[127] Vincent concluded that the marriage was not a particularly "amicable" one.[128] Other aspects of their marriage suggest a closer, more positive relationship. Chroniclers recorded that John had a "mad infatuation" with Isabella, and certainly John had conjugal relationships with Isabella between at least 1207 and 1215; they had five children.[129] In contrast to Vincent, historian William Chester Jordan concludes that the pair were a "companionable couple" who had a successful marriage by the standards of the day.[130] John's lack of religious conviction has been noted by contemporary chroniclers and later historians, with some suspecting that John was at best impious, or even atheistic, a very serious issue at the time.[131] Contemporary chroniclers catalogued his various anti-religious habits at length, including his failure to take communion, his blasphemous remarks, and his witty but scandalous jokes about church doctrine, including jokes about the implausibility of the Resurrection. They commented on the paucity of John's charitable donations to the church.[132] Historian Frank McLynn argues that John's early years at Fontevrault, combined with his relatively advanced education, may have turned him against the church.[18] Other historians have been more cautious in interpreting this material, noting that chroniclers also reported John's personal interest in the life of St Wulfstan of Worcester and his friendships with several senior clerics, most especially with Hugh of Lincoln, who was later declared a saint.[133] Financial records show a normal royal household engaged in the usual feasts and pious observances Рalbeit with many records showing John's offerings to the poor to atone for routinely breaking church rules and guidance.[134]

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Hiding From Royalty, Part 17

 Hiding from Royalty, Part 17, by Kathryn

Rob's blue eyes looked at the three helpless girls. 

Three children, he thought. Three children being chased by Royal Guards of the evil King John. This ought not be! Why should young children be kidnapped to work in fields of cotton and grain? Why?  

"Sir? Whom did you promise?" Maria asked again. He turned and looked earnestly in the girl's faces.

"Hannah and Isabella's mother."

"Mother?" Hannah exclaimed. "Where did you see her?"

"Wandering through the woods, calling out Hannah's name. She was crying so, and we knew she needed our help. That's when she told us how her two daughters and husband and been kidnapped by King John, that brute. Now, she didn't tell me about you." He knelt down in front of Maria.

"This is Maria, another girl who was kidnapped. She escaped with us." Isabella squeezed her new friend's hand.

"Ah, I see. Well, we must get going! We have a rather long hike back to your home." Rob stood up.

"Sir Hood? Who is we? I mean, are you traveling alone?" Hannah asked, looking admiringly at the man's bright green outfit and large bow and arrow. 

"Certainly not." Suddenly, Robert whistled loudly. From behind bushes and trees appeared the faces of many men, dressed similar to Rob.

"These, my fair ladies, are my merry men."


Isabella staggered along, trampling the brush that was in her way. They had been traveling through the woods for an hour at least, and she was exhausted.

"How much further, Rob?"

"Oh, we're a few miles away. Would you like to stop and take a rest?" Isabella nodded her head and sank against the base of a moss covered tree.

While the merry men laughed and told jokes, Isabella closed her eyes and rested. She had just started to nod off, when a high-pitched, whizzing, noise sounded.  She opened her eyes and shrieked in fear as an arrow cracked the bark of the tree right above her head.

To be Continued!!!

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Hiding from Royalty Part 16

~Hiding from Royalty, Part 16, By Hannah~ 
           Hannah, in fear's tight grip, managed to calm down. Angrily she swung her head, pulling her hair from the knight's hands. She had sense enough to heed his threat and didn't try to run. But her fear kindled the fire of anger burning inside her, urging words from her throat. " 'Live to see morning' " she spat, "So now King John is killing innocent girls!"

           The knight's large fingers closed around her slim wrist. Hannah smothered a cry of pain. The knight ,surprisingly kind, explained, "You were trying to escape. A penalty charged by death." Before Hannah could reply ,the once kind voice, turned demanding. He rotated his head just enough so that he was facing the still pursing knights. "Go back to your posts before "Highness" catches us all here!"

           He released Hannah's wrist and placed his hand on a sword hanging by his side. Motioning to Isabella and Maria, watching a couple feet away, he asked noncommittally "Your friends?" Hannah, horrified by his calmness, swung to face him, "No you, you, you brute! That is my SISTER!"

           Reaching them they all formed a small huddle. The knights kind voice returned "An introduction to you ladies is at hand. I am Sir Hood." With a glance around he added carefully, "But you may call me...Robert Hood...or if you rather just Rob will suit me fine."

         He finished with a grin as he read the girls surprised faces. Hannah began, most politely, " Oh! You must accept my apology. I was ever so rude. and I had no idea..I mean..that..." ,but ended a little confused. Robert smoothed the awkward feeling with a large laugh, which he quickly ended, as to not attract other knights.

        Isabella was excited at the sound of a name she had often heard her parents talk about. "You mean THE Robert Hood? Right, Rob? You are here to help us?" She finished unsure. A nod from Hood and the color returned to their pale faces. " I must get you girls somewhere safe. You are now my responsibility. I promised." Maria started, quiet and shy. "Sir Hood, Who did you promise?"

~To be Continued...

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Hiding From Royalty Part 15

          When the girls were hiding behind the tree, they heard the clanging of armor. They knew that there was a very slim chance they would escape. Hannah said to Maria and Isabella, "On 3, run," she said,"1,2...3!" They ran as fast as they could to nowhere in particular.

          Soon the knights caught up to them. Hannah looked to see them, and she saw that out of nowhere the knights had multiplied rapidly. There were about 14 on their tracks!

         One knight ran a little faster than the others. He caught up to the girls easily, and grabbed Hannah by the hair and dragged her back as fast as he could. The knight said,"Come back and you're little friend will live to see the morning!"

      To be continued...

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Hiding from royalty part 14

Written By:Danielle

All of the girls were so terrified when the bar fell. "What are we going to do?!" Maria exclaimed in a whisper. "Is anyone over there?!" shouted a knight. "Girls be quiet." whispered Hannah. "Oh no! We are going to get caught!" Isabella said in a soft but terrified voice. Maria turned her head and all of a sudden, she saw a knight. "Run girls, Run!" Shouted Hannah. They all jumped off the ledge and ran as fast as they could not trying to look back at three more knights. "Stop immediately!" Said 1 knight. "Run!" Shouted Isabella. Maria ran so fast she was getting very tired and out of breath. Maria, slowing down, almost fell but told herself, Come on Maria, this is for your friends father. Keep going. The knights bolted as fast as they could. Maria, Hannah, and Isabella were all so dull and wanted to stop. "Hide behind this tree girls!" whispered Hannah to the girls. The knights were way behind them. They all hid behind the tree trying to keep warm in the brisk wind.

Will Hannah, Maria, and Isabella get caught? Will they be able to save Hannah and Isabella's father?

To be continued...

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Hiding from Royalty: Part 13

Written by Emma M. (A new author)

The three girls, Hannah, Maria and Isabella, were crouched against the dungeon wall, wondering how they would ever get the key to the dungeon door? They didn't even know where the key was kept!

 "I might have an idea." suggested Maria quietly. "You do? What is it?" Hannah and Isabella pushed her for an answer. "Well, there is a small window in the wall of the dungeon that drops down into cell 34. Isn't that where your father is?" Maria asked. "Yes!" Isabella almost shouted, but then quickly looked around to see if any of the guards had heard. Not one of them moved, but stood rigidly in their places by the palace gate, grand gardens, and even the servants entrance. "Go on!" prompted Hannah. "Well," said Maria. "There is a loose bar in the window and if we can get it out, we can squeeze in and get your father!" finished Maria excitedly, but quietly. "Maria, that just might work!" Isabella whispered as loudly as she dared. "Where is the window?" "It's on the very end of the wall." Maria whispered back. "Luckily for us, the guards do not guard the window." "Let's go!" Hannah whispered excitedly.

The girls got up and silently inched their way to the window at the end of the wall. They finally reached it, after what had seemed like hours. Just as the girls were climbing up to the ledge, they heard leaves cracking loudly behind them.

At Hannah's house, her mother was tossing and turning in her bed, trying to get to sleep, but she couldn't knowing Edward and Isabella were probably sleeping on lumpy cots with no blankets in cold, dark, prison cells. She was thankful she still had Hannah, but, how could she ever come up with enough money to free Isabella and now Edward as well?

With all these thoughts swirling around in her head, she knew she could not get to sleep, so she got up and pulled a heavy shawl over her shoulders and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

After she had poured water into the small teakettle and hung it over the fireplace to warm, she decided to go check on Hannah, to see if the girl was sleeping as fitfully as she had. It looked like Hannah was sleeping peacefully, her body scrunched together for warmth looked rather lumpy under the blankets. She considered going over and properly arranging the blankets and pulling the blankets off Hannah's head, but, told herself no, not wanting to waken her from her peaceful sleep.

Isabella gasped as the crackling grew louder and closer. Hannah's eyes widened and Maria grabbed Isabella's hand. The girls prepared themselves, knowing they would turn around to see a guard standing there, ready to take them back to the palace and to major consequences, but when they timidly turned around, their fear turned into laughter.

They tried not to laugh as a small white kitten rubbed and purred against their ankles. Maria let go of Isabella's hand and knelt down to cuddle the kitten. "Isn't she so soft!" she exclaimed in a whisper. Hannah and Isabella let out breaths they seemed to have been holding in. Their eyes showed their relief.

After sending the small kitten on it's way, they slowly started climbing the rocky wall to the window, where there was a small, narrow, ledge. Hannah started shaking the loose bar that Maria pointed out, as quietly as she could. Finally, it came loose. But just as Hannah loosened it, it slipped from her hand and fell to the dungeon floor with a clang, clang, clang.

To be continued.......

Emma. M.

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Hiding from Royalty: Part 12

Written by Emma (A new author)

The next morning, the three girls set off for the dungeon at 7:00 AM.  They decided to leave Buttercup there where they slept in case they got caught.  Who knows what they could do to her?

Hannah climbed the wall versus going through the swamp for a second time.  She saw forty guards scattered everywhere.  "Are they looking for us?  Did they see us escape?  Why would there be so many guards at this time of morning?"  Thoughts like this went through Isabella's mind over and over.

"We have to come up with a plan.  We need to not be spotted by any of the guards." Hannah said.  "That's almost impossible for three girls to not be spotted by forty guards." Isabella said.  Maria said, "I know one way.  Follow me."

The girls followed Maria, sure that she knew where she was going.  Soon they came to a stop.  "We have to climb this wall.  Don't worry, the dungeon is right there."

As they approached the dungeon, they felt an urge to turn back.  The darkness, the cob webs...but they knew they couldn't turn back now.  They had to rescue their dad.  It was now or never.  They must go in, but be on close watch for guards.

When they climbed the wall, they tried opening the door to the dungeon.  It was...locked.  "I'm sorry, the door is never locked!" Maria cried.  "They must know we are trying to get our father back." Isabella said, looking at Hannah.  "We need a key."

To be continued...


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Hiding from Royalty Part 11

     “Come on,” Hannah whispered as she motioned with her hand, “I know how to escape, follow me.”  Leading the horse through the woods, Hannah stealthily made her way to the escape route.  Quietly the two girls followed, silently wondering where they were going.  The three small figures of the girls and the bulky figure of the horse creep through the twilight lit woods.  Finally, Hannah halted and turned around to face Maria and Isabella.

    “Oh, I’m so relieved to see you!” Isabella cried softly. “Wait a second, why are you here and not dad?”  Her face wore an expression of confusion as she tried to figure out what could have happened to her dad.  Did King John send knights to burn down her house?  Had her family fallen ill to some horrible disease and Hannah had barely escaped?

    The two sisters embraced as a cool night breeze blew through their hair.  “I’m so happy I found you.  Dad came to rescue you; I assumed he was captured as well.  You mean you haven’t seen him?” Hannah asked as her worry for her father increased by the second.

     “He was here?!?  Hannah, what if he’s dead!  What if we never see him again?” Panic rose into Isabella’s voice.  She tried to keep her tone quiet, but her mind was racing with loud thoughts.

     Maria set a hand on Isabella’s shoulder, “Don’t worry if your dad came here to rescue you and he did get captured, he is still alive.  King John is too greedy to kill him; he takes all the prisoners he can.”

     Both Hannah and Isabella let out sighs of relief.  “So how are we gonna get dad?” Hannah asked
      “I think we should just focus on getting out of here right now, we don’t even know where he is!” Isabella said.

      Maria spoke up, “Actually, I think I know where he is.  A couple days ago I overheard a conversation between a guard and one of the head maids.  They were talking about a girl named Isabella and how her dad had been captured, and what a shame it was that another family had been broken up.   Then the guard said that he was in the north wing of the dungeon, in cell number 34.”

     “Wait, a guard actually said ‘it’s a shame another family got broken up’?” Isabella asked

     “They’re not all evil; some of them have families too.  Most of them probably just do the job for the money.” Responded Maria as the moonlight shone on her face and outlined her dark skin with shadows.

     “Well…That’s great, I guess, let’s go get dad.” Hannah said. 

     “What do you think we’re gonna do?!  How are we supposed to get him?  I want to find dad too, but do you think we can just waltz in there, break him out of prison, and do the jig past the guards then merrily skip home?!”  Isabella inquired in bewilderment. 

      “I don’t know, but we can’t just leave him! Retorted Hannah, “Listen, It’ll be morning soon, so how ‘bout we get past the fence then get some sleep and talk about it in the morning?” 

   “OK.” Marie and Hannah said simultaneously, they were both eager to be past the confining fence of the castle. 
     “How do we escape anyway?” asked Maria as she stroked Buttercup’s soft hair.

     Hannah smiled, “Everybody thinks that the fence goes all the way around the castle, but it doesn’t.  It ends a little bit ahead when the ground gets a bit swampy.  So all we have to do is ride the horse straight through the swamp because the ground is higher there, and on either side it gets really deep”

     The three girls and the horse walked a bit father till the ground got soft and a swamp began to form.  Then the girls mounted the horse with Hannah in front and began to ride through it.  It took about 30 minuets to get past the swamp and the girls rode another 10 minuets to make sure they were far enough away from the castle until they stopped.  The horse was exhausted from carrying three girls through the thick water; her heavy breath formed small clouds in the cold night air.  As the three dismounted; dew from the tall grass rubbed against them and felt cold on their legs.  The forest was so dense by now that no moonlight escaped the labyrinth of trees to touch the ground.  The girls felt their way to a thick tree and collapsed on the soft mossy ground in exhaustion.

     “Hannah” Isabella asked, “Maybe we shouldn’t go get Dad, maybe we should go back and get help, besides, it’s not fair to Maria.  She shouldn’t have to risk her life to save someone should doesn’t even know.  And anyway what are the chances that we can even help him?”

     Before Hannah could reply, Maria answered. “No.  You need to go rescue your father.  Or at least try.  I would if…  I would try as hard as I could to rescue my dad if he was still alive.” She swallowed and breathed deep. “I grew up in the northern part of France; I had 2 little sisters, and 1 older brother.  Papa owned a bakery which I helped out at on Saturdays.  We were all such a happy family, then it all changed one day.  King John’s men came riding through our village, and burnt it down.  They thought that no one survived; until they looked through the town and found a small eight-year-old girl crying for her parents in the wreckage.  I was the only survivor.  One of the knights, who spoke French picked me up and sat me on his horse.  He planned to take me home with him, but King John was too greedy to let one potential slave slip through his fingers.  He ordered that the knight give the girl to him, when the knight refused…they killed him.  I was brought back here, and taught to speak English.  I never had anyone to love me sense then…”  In the darkness nobody saw the tear roll down Maria’s cheek.

     “We love you.” Said Hannah after a long silence and right before everyone fell asleep she added, “Tomorrow night, we will get our father back!”

Will the girls be able to break their father out of prison?  Will the soldiers find them in the woods?  Is their father still in cell 34?  Stay tuned to find out!!
To Be Continued…

P.S. Hope you liked it!  Also I just wanted to say "Welcome Emma!!!" =D
<3 Laura

Welcome, Emma!!

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Hiding From Royalty: Part 10

Written by Brooke.

The two girls quickly and quietly climbed down the wall. They must be perfectly silent, for fear a guard might see or hear them. Once they reached the bottom, they crawled along the wall behind the bushes. Once Maria kicked a stone accidentally. The girls froze and strained their ears, listening, waiting, watching. No guards appeared. They crawled some more. Then they saw a beautiful sight. Past the woods, at the very edge, they could see the castle gate.

The way to freedom.

"Maria!" hissed Isabella. "We have to make a run for it. See that huge tree? Run behind that one. Now go, go, go!" Swiftly but silently, their feet pounded into the mossy earth. Isabella made it to behind the tree first. Suddenly a hand clamped over Isabella's mouth. She tried to scream but was unable to do so. "Shh", a voice whispered. "It's me-Hannah. I came to rescue you." Isabella immediately relaxed. Just then Maria darted behind the tree. Then she saw Hannah. "What's going on?" she whispered in a frightened tone. "My sister", Isabella replied shortly. They must stop talking and press on. Every second counted.

Cautiously the three and Buttercup moved through the woods. They hardly dared to breathe. If they were caught, they could be badly mistreated-or worse.

When they finally got to the edge of the woods, Hannah let out a soft gasp. They couldn't believe their eyes. Surrounding the gate were at least a dozen armed soldiers. They were so close to freedom yet so far away. How could they ever escape now?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hiding From Royalty: Part 9

Written by Aizess

Darkness draped heavily around Hannah as the eerie silhouette of the castle walls loomed in the near distance. What am I doing? How on earth am I planning to save Isabella? What if…?

Not for the first time, doubt wormed into her mind. Resolutely, she shoved it away. With God’s help I shall rescue Isabella. “I just need to find her, and then we need to plan her escape, and then she needs to leave the castle grounds without detection while I continue to hide undercover and- argh!” Her exasperated sigh hovered in the stillness. She had no idea how she was going to rescue Isabella.

But she knew she would.

God’s peace in her spirit confirmed that truth.

She halted at the edge of the dense woods that surrounded the castle. She leaped off her horse, Buttercup, and tied her to a tree trunk. Falling to her knees in the damp earth, she prayed inwardly for strength, courage, and God’s help in rescuing her sister. Afterward, she settled comfortably against another tree trunk to wait and watch for her sister. Only the owls, crickets, and cool night air accompanied her. And the castle guards.


Tonight was the night. Isabella tied her sack of meager belongings to her back and checked to make sure that the rope was secure. Silently, she dropped to her knees one last time beside her mat and pleaded with the Almighty for His protection and her success. Rising quietly to her feet, she tiptoed to the bottom of the tiny window and allowed herself one last look at the sleeping girls in the dark, dank room.

If I could rescue them all, I would. Her eyes landed on the slumbering form of her friend Maria.

You could rescue... one.

She heard the Lord’s voice so clearly that she looked around the room to see if anyone had spoken. Snores and heavy breathing answered her. She felt the Holy Spirit prompting her to help Maria escape.

She walked towards her, being careful of the other sleeping girls, and lightly touched her cheek. The sudden coldness of Isabella’s hand on Maria’s lukewarm cheek jolted her awake.

“Shh.” Isabella placed a finger over her mouth.

Motioning Maria to the window, Isabella pointed at the rope that swayed lightly with the breeze. Maria objected by shaking her head vigorously. Isabella countered with an equally vigorous shake of her head. Finally, she pointed heavenward with her index finger. “God,“ she mouthed. Maria’s eyes widened and she quickly grabbed her thin blanket, tied it about her shoulders, stepped unto the dresser, which contained some worn blankets, that Isabella had pushed under the window the day before, and proceeded to climb over the moss covered stone walls into the frigid night air.

Greatly encouraged by her friends bravery, Isabella stepped unto the dresser and began her climb to an uncertain future. A future of either life… or death.

Monday, May 7, 2012

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Welcome Laura!!!!!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hiding From Royalty pt. 8

by Ruby Plank

As Maria and Isabella washed the dishes, Isabella began to tell of her coming here, how she was taken from her family by the knight. She told Maria about her family and how she missed them so much. She told Maria about Hannah, Isabella missed her very much.

    Back at home, Hannah woke in the middle of the night. She had a nightmare. A terrible, horrible nightmare about not seeing Isabella ever again. She did not scream when she awoke, she did not want to wake her mother. After waiting an hour of laying in her bed, she could not get back to sleep. She worried about Isabella. Hannah just laid flat on her back staring at the ceiling, deep in thought. Hannah was determind to save her sister, and her father. She finally decided, weil her mother was still asleep, she would run away, and go to the castle and bring Isabella back.
  Hannah packed some cloths and food, went to the stable and picked her horse, prayed to God for guidence, and rode of in the night.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hiding From Royalty. Part 7.

"BANG BANG BANG" The overseer was at the door of the room to which Isabella and the
other maids slept. The overseer opened the door and said "Get Up you lazy girls! You have
cooking and cleaning and mending to do!" Isabella was a little frightned by the way she
sounded. But she knew God was with her and would rescue her from this torture.
She missed her family so much. SHe espessicly missed playing with her big sister Hannah.
It was already around lunch, and they were still working hard. Isabella was so hungry,
she could eat twice as much as her Father ever could! Atleast that`s how she felt.
She had finished her coking, and now for the cleaning.


                             As she washed the dishes, she
looked over at Maria and knew she missed her family dearly as well. "Hi" Isabella said.
"My name is Isabella. I could talk to you until now because of the overseer" she said.
"Hello" Maria said. "My name is Maria. You might already know that!" she said.
Isabella silently laughed. "Yes! I hear the overseer talking alot about all of the maids around
and I heard her mention your name once!" she said. Maria also laughed. "I hope we can talk
again Isabella! Most likely not though. Because of the overseer." she said. "Yes. Well, we shall
call each other secret friends!" Isabella chuckled.  "Yes! Great idea!"

To Be Continued...

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Hiding From Royalty pt.6

Written by Kianna Rose

"Wake up men! Those grain fields won't harvest themselves." a task overseer shouted from the dungeon doorway.

The slaves dungeon was a pitiful sight to behold. Disease was common among the captives and filth caked the moss stone walls. The offensive stench of unbathed bodies carried itself from one catacomb to the next. Men of any social standing turned their noses up at the unfortunate creatures who were forced to reside in such a hovel.

Edward rolled over on the cot, groaning. He'd arrived a week before when trying to rescue his daughter Isabella. As he entered the pair of massive castle gates, a knight halted him.

"State your business."

"My name is Edward of Winchester Valley. I've come to take what has been stolen from me."

"You are a serf, are you not? You own nothing, for all that is in your possession belongs to King John."

With that, the knight commanded Edward to dismount and he was taken into castle custody.

Here he was a  week later, harvesting grain for the kings granaries.

A dimly lit candle was Edward's only source of light. He carefully worked his way up the winding stairs for fear he'd fall and break his neck. As he reached the top landing, he walked out into cool country air. Work had officially begun and Edward was eager to complete his tasks. Lately, his mind had been occupied with thoughts and worries of his daughter's safety. Guilt constantly overwhelmed him. How had he allowed this to happen? How had he lost his riches on such foolish investments? What pained him most were not the taunts his neighbors chanted, "Edward, Edward, was rich as a king. Edward, Edward, you now feel poor mans sting." but the terrible circumstances his family was now forced to endure.

"Dear Lord, have mercy on my family" Edward silently prayed. Feeling like a failure hurt his ego, but he was willing to do anything to right this wrong.

The sun shone brightly now. It's radiance overwhelmed him and it's precise location spelled out noon. Noon meant lunch time.

Today, the burden of an utter failure seemed heavier and the lunch line seemed endless. Who would stand in such a line for nothing more than slop. He would. He was desperate. Picking up his pace, Edward reached the end of the snake-like mass of people and waited. His gaze pulled away from the group of gentlemen in front of him to a young girl walking into the castle with baskets in her hands. Probably near Isabella's age he mused. She had on a gray work dress and hat, but a few stray blond curls had escaped. Oh, Isabella had blond curls just like that  his mind dared to press on. As if he'd lost control of himself, Edward walked off the line in hopes of reaching the little girl. It would put his mind to rest in knowing that she was not his daughter. He couldn't bare knowing that his little princess was slaving  over a hot stove, but he couldn't bare not knowing where Isabella was. He neared the entrance... he walked faster... he opened his mouth to call Isabella, but before he could speak, the heavy door slammed shut. He was left with his words in his mouth and pain in his heart.

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Hiding from Royalty part 5

Isabella started doing the dishes, when Maria swept the floor.
"Hi ", Maria whispered .
"No talking ", the night yelled.

Back at home Hannah was laying on her bed.
She could not stop thinking about Isabella.
Her mom walked in.
" I miss her too", said Natalie (her mom).
"Does dad have the money to get Isabella back"?
"Not get".
Hannah cried .
"We only have twenty-two days left" she said as she wiped her tears.
"I know, that is why your dad is working very hard".
"Were is he"?
"He is working in the fields".
"If he is a black smith , why is he gathering grain" ?
"The king made his boss work for him".

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part 4

written by Rachel S ;)

They walked down the dank cold hallway, echoing as they walked along, Isabella looked around in courisity, but the lady was holding their wrists so tight it hurt, as she tried to keep up with the fast pace.
" Don't slow down, their waiting," The lady snapped.
Her adreniline started, who? were they going to be nicer? was it going to be nicer working inside?
They stopped at a stair well and walked up the winding steps, through a door and in the kitchen, were meat and veggies were being cut up, piles of dishes where lying on the surfaces and maids were scurrying around, beating bread.

The both girls looked around, lost in confusion of all the busyness.
" Maria Rose and Isabella Ma'am," The lady said, almost pushing them away into the head cook who was standing there.
" Thankyou, that will be all," He said.
The lady disapeared.
" As you can see, there is a lot of dishes--" He said.
Then looked at the girls who were looking confused.
" Don't stand there, go do the dishes!" He commanded.
They started doing them, their nimble fingers working as fast as they could.

to be continued.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hiding From Royalty, Part 3

 Hiding From Royalty, Part 3, by Kathryn

       Clang, Clang! The wake-up bell sounded and Isabella groaned. It was hardly even light out! The same servant lady came down the dungeon steps.
"Alright everyone! To the fields!" The slaves mumbled and walked sleepily up the steps. Isabella sat on her cot, unsure what to do.
"You are to go to the fields and work with the rest of them," the lady said. She followed her out of the dungeon, where it immediately led to a fenced-in field. The other slaves were already working.
Isabella shielded the sun with her hand and looked about. While the slaves were hard at work, soldiers on horses nearby made sure no one left. It was going to be a long and tiresome day.

        Isabella fought back the tears as she rubbed her blistered and bleeding hands on her dress. The sun beat down on her back as she pulled up weeds. She was sorry she had ever complained while working in the garden back home. Oh! Even the word 'home' made her heart ache. Where was her family? Would they come rescue her? Why weren't they here, begging the officials to let her go?
"Stop him! Stop him!" shouts broke her thoughts. She looked up to see the King's soldiers galloping through the huge field. One of them raised their bow and arrow, and whish! it whizzed through the air. She couldn't see anything, except that the soldiers had stopped.
"What happened?" Isabella asked a nearby woman slave.
"A slave tried to escape," she said solemnly. "Got an arrow in the back, too." She gulped. Maybe trying to escape at the moment wasn't such a good idea.


It was almost bed time when it happened. She was laying in her cot, staring at the cuts on her hands. Footsteps echoed and the servant lady appeared.
"Listen up everyone! We are in need of girl house slaves, to help with the cooking and cleaning and serving." Murmurs and whispers sounded throughout the room. What luxury! To be a slave in the palace instead of these horrible fields!
Without saying a word, the servant lady grabbed Isabella by the wrist and pulled her up.
"You two," she said, grabbing another girl, "will come with me." Isabella gave a startled look to the other girl. She had dark brown eyes, and long black hair, unlike Isabella's bright blonde hair. She wore a simple brown dress, and worn out shoes. I wonder if she has a family? Isabella thought.
But before she could study the girl anymore, they reached the servant entrance to the palace. Isabella's heart leaped excitedly as the servant lady opened the wooden door.

To be Continued!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hiding From Royalty pt.2

Written by Kianna Rose

Through the thick country dust, I could see my father pursuing the knight who had kidnapped Isabella. The wind carried his desperate plea, "Please sir, release my daughter. Please!" The knight did not slow his horse's trot and I could hear my sister's cry for mercy.


"Hold still ma'lady." the knight ordered. The stench of horse manure carried itself up to Isabella's nostrils, causing her to gag.

Isabella remained still, though her body ached from the horses strong gallop. Thoughts of her family, her schooling and her life flashed before her. Could this really be the end of her young life? Would she really die as a slave?

"Sir, might I ask where you are taking me to?" she ventured.

"If you insist." the man grumbled. He cleared his throat and continued, "I am commanded to take you from this place to Winchester Castle by order of King John of England. Almost as an after thought he added, "Your father owes a large sum of money to the King and has refused to pay it. You will serve as a ransom. If he pays within thirty days, you will be released. It he fails to pay, you will become a slave.

Isabella nearly fell of the horse as she heard this terrible news. Father always had money. When the collection plate was passed around at Sunday services, he'd empty his pockets. Father also bought Isabella and Hannah new dresses for their birthdays. And who could forget his contribution to the orphanage fund?! How had a man who lived so comfortably sink so deeply into debt. And now his daughter was being held as a ransom! Isabella decided she would need to escape... but how? The knight had tightened his grip on her. Her immobility weakened her resolve to form a successful escape plan. She decided that the best thing was to stay put and escape when she gained strength.

Within the hour, Isabella could see the peak of the castle. Her heart thumped wildly as she thought of living life in such luxury. Then, as if the knight could read her mind, he agreed, "A beautiful castle, is it not?"

The thought of living in such a castle with mother and father and even Hannah pleased Isabella very much. Then she remembered that she was not invited to live in the castle, but forced to work in it. As they arrived, the knight entered the massive gates and dismounted. To the maid awaiting their arrival he called out, "Cecilia, take this young lady to the dungeon with the other slaves."

Slaves? The word sounded horrible, even more so when Isabella realized that she would become part of that group.

"Yes, sir" the woman obediently responded and took Isabella's hand.

The maid guided Isabella down a winding stair case and into a cell. With stale bread scraps in her stomach Isabella felt strength returning to her bones.

"I will escape tomorrow, for it is far to dark for me to travel by moon light tonight." she thought.

When the candles were blown out, Isabella knelled beside her cot pray.
"Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen."

After her heartfelt prayer, Isabella rolled onto her cot. The dungeon was damp, cold, musty and terribly dark. She could hear the squeak of mice and with a glint of moonlight shining through the barred window, the glistening webs of spiders cast shadows onto her face.

Isabella's eyelids grew heavy. She closed them and drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New story/ Hiding From Royalty part 1

I was sitting on a rock when my sister Isabella came and sat beside me.

"Hannah, why do we live in the mountains "?
"To hide from king John" I answered
All of the sudden a chariot came up to our house.
Dad came running out.
"O no" yelled dad
"Girls, get inside ".
The two girls ran inside.
They peeked out the window.
A knight was heading for the door!
He opened the door and grabbed Isabella,s long brown hair.
Me and my parents ran outside crying.
"Hannah, go get my sack of gold" demanded dad
I ran inside and got his gold.
"Here dad".
"Were are you going"?
"To get Isabella".
He got on a horse.

Will Isabella ever get home?
Will the knights take her dad as a slave?
To be continued .

A Thank You, and A Welcome!

I want to give a big thank you to Rachel and Aili, my contributors! The Haunted House was fun to write and read!
And also, A big Welcome to Kianna, our newest contributor! She will be joining us in the newest story!

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Ending of Haunted House, Part 10

They began walking towards the building .
"Here we are"!
The three of them walked up to the desk.
" Can I help you"asked a lady?
"Were is Elizabeth Jamison"?
"Room 17".
Carrie knocked on the door.
"Come in".
"Hi, I,m Jean".
"I,m Carrie".
"I,m Jeans mom".
"Me and my friend found this old box that was your mothers ".
"They want you to have it".
"Well ,thanks".
"This means a lot to me"! 
They said good bye and left.
The girls had a great adventure and will never forget Madison and her family.

Next ......
Hiding from Royalty ! 

The Haunted House, Part 9

I am taking Rachel's place, since she said she was just out of ideas (I totally understand!). Next it will be Aili's turn!
The Haunted House, Part 9, by Kathryn 

Jean gasped as a piercing scream sounded through the darkness.
"Carrie! Are you alright?"
"It was a worm!" She cried. "Crawling on my hand!" Jean rolled her eyes and continued to dig with her garden shovel. It was now dark out, and the bright moon shined down on the girls as they dug between the graves.
"What do you think is in the box?" Jean asked. Carrie stopped for a moment and wiped her brow.
"I don't know," she replied. "But it must be something valuable for her to bury it this deep!"
"If it's here," Jean mumbled. She thrust her shovel down deeper. Clang! She had found something!
"What was that?" Carrie asked. Jean excitedly started digging deeper into the rich soil.
"I see something!" She exclaimed. Together they pulled, until finally in a cloud of dirt, they flung a metal box up. It was covered in a faded pink shawl.
Neither girls could say a word. They struggled to contain their excitement as Jean began to lift the metal lid. Carrie held their flashlight up high, so they could see everything.
The lid squeaked open.
"Oh!" They exclaimed. Inside the box was filled with a mixture of old things. Pictures, papers, a teacup, a fan, and all sorts of old things.
"These must be family heirlooms!" Carrie said. Jean closed the lid.
"Carrie, we must find a relative of Madison and give him these things!"
"A relative?"
"Yes, a person that is related to another person." Carrie playfully slapped Jean on the arm.
"I know what a relative is! I mean, where will we ever find a relative of Madison?"

A few months later, the girls found out. They had done some research, through old newspapers and records. They had discovered that Madison and Ada's brother Johnathon died in the war. Two years later, Ada died of a severe illness. That left Madison and her new husband Jacob, alone. Grief-stricken, they left the old house, and everything in it, to start fresh somewhere else. No one knew where they had gone, until years later.
In 1870, they had a little girl. Her name was Elizabeth Ada Jamison.
But the best thing the girls had found out, was that Elizabeth was still living, and was residing at Willow Way Nursing Home only 20 minutes from where they lived. She was 85 years old.

Carrie, Jean, and Mrs. Miller (Jean's Mom) climbed into the car and started to drive to Willow Way. Jean sat in her seat, gripping the metal box and the shawl. What will Elizabeth be like? she wondered. Will she appreciate the us finding the box for her? Or will she even care?

To be Continued...

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Haunted House, Part 8

 The Haunted House, Part 8, by Kathryn

"Oh no, you don't!" exclaimed Carrie. "I agreed to go up to the porch. I agreed to go in the house. I even agreed to go up in the creepy attic. But you are positively not getting me to agree to go tramping around in a graveyard!" Jean shook her head in disgust.
"Well, I guess you can stay here then," she replied, walking away. But she laughed to herself as she heard Carrie reluctantly follow her towards the graveyard.
They stopped to look at the old oak, where Carrie had spotted the arrow. Large letters were carved under the arrow.
"Look," Jean pointed. "ESP!"
"Esp? That doesn't make sense!" Carried said.
"Hey, there are little decimal points between the letters. E. S. P.!" Jean looked at Carrie with wide eyes.
"Elijah Stan Parkinson!" she whispered. The wind rustled the treetops as the old house groaned.
"This must be Parkinson Tree!"
"Yes, the one that Elijah planted, and Madison used to sit under," Carrie smiled. The girls looked once again towards the graveyard.
"Now why would this arrow be pointing towards the graveyard? What is it supposed to mean?" Jean asked.
"It's showing the way to somewhere," Carrie laughed, leaning up against the old oak. Jean whirled around.
"Carrie!" she yelled. "Show the way! Grandfather Parkinson will show the way! Don't you see, Carrie? Elijah planted the tree, and put his initials on it! When Madison hid the treasure, she must have carved that arrow." Suddenly a light bulb went on. Grandfather Parkinson will show the way. It's in a place I don't like. The words of the diary came rushing back into their heads and pounded in their ears. They were so close to the box!
As the breeze blew their hair, they slowly walked to the grave site. It was a small family plot, with only a dozen or more headstones.
The iron gate creaked in the wind. The bushes rattled. The sky was grey, and looked like at any moment would spill over with a tremendous rain. The frightened yet determined girls walked up and down the rows, until they saw a certain moss covered headstone. They knelt down and gasped.

Elijah Stan Parkinson 

"You know, I don't see Madison or Ava's tombstones," Jean said, looking around. "Just Elizabeth Julia Parkinson and Emerson David Parkinson." Carrie shot her a glance. The parents!
"Hey, remember what Madison said about it being hidden in her mother's shawl?" Carrie asked.
"Yes. Maybe she buried it between her parents," Jean suggested.
"You can do whatever you want, but I refuse to dig near graves," Carrie suddenly exclaimed, shaking her head.
"I just wonder what ever happened to Madison and Ava," Jean sighed. "Let's try and find the box, and then maybe we can do some research and find out why they disappeared!" Jean sent Carrie to go find two small garden shovels. The sun began to sink, and soon it grew dark.

To be Continued!

Friday, March 30, 2012

part 7

As soon as it stopped raining the two girls ran outside.
They walk over to the old house.
They sat down on the deck holding the diary and the paper from the news paper.
"Carrie, lets try to put the hints together" suggested  Jean
"We know that Madison has a grandfather Parkingson" said Carrie
"Madison said that grandfather Parkingson will show you the way".
" His first name is Elijah".
"We found a tree that Madison calls Parkingson tree".
"Why does she call it Parkingson"asked Carrie
"That,s what we have to find out".
"Lets go back to they attic and see what we can find".
The two girls went in the house and climbed up the stairs.
They opened the door to the attic and went in.
"I,ll look in this box first".
"Look what I found"yelled Carrie
" It,s a old picture of a man planting a tree".
" Look at that girl standing beside him"
They looked on the back .
Madison 2, helping grandpa plant a tree.

"So Elijah planted the tree ".
"Look it,s a letter saying that Elijah Stan Parkingson died in the army".
"When was that wrote"asked Carrie
They walked out of the house and went on the deck.
Then, they walked around the yard and sat down by the tree.
"Look" yelled Carrie
"There,s a arrow on the tree".
"The only thing that way is the grave yard"!

To be continued .........

part 6

part 6 by Rachel S

It was a steady rain, on Saturday. Jean starred out the window of her room, the rain was dripping off the trees making "plop" sounds.  She had asked her Mama if she could go over to her friend's Carrie's place, but no she couldn't she had chores to do. After she cleaned her room, their was a knocking, It was Carrie.
" Hi Jean, do you think we can-" She said.
Jean shook her head.
" My Mama said we had to play in doors, maybe we should go explore in our attic instead," She said.
They walked up to the attic, Jean pulled the light switch on and looked around, it was dusty and dark.
" Oh! I've never noticed these before!" Jean exclaimed.
Carrie cought her breath.
" W-what?" She asked.
Jean emerged from behind the pile of boxes with old newspapers.
" These! it may have archives about the Parkingson house!" She said.
Carrie and Jean sat down and started reading them, they were old and crinkley. Carrie suddenly squeeled with delight.
" Looky!" She said.
Jean looked, on the front cover had the old picture of the house it used to be and a recent picture of it all broken down, it was a fueterette about the house, They read it and then the end paragragh it said.

Eversince that night on Valantines day, The occupants have disappeared, no one knows where they are, where they have gone, searches have  been made but the mystery remains...

Carrie and Jean looked at each other.
" Coooool!" She said.
Jean ripped the page out and saved it so she could read it later. Then they walked down stairs hearing their names being called if they wanted ice cream.

to be continued...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Haunted House, Part 5

 The Haunted House, Part 5, by Kathryn

Jean and Carrie went to the old house every day. After sitting on it's slightly crooked porch every day, the place didn't seem quite as scary. In fact, by the end of the week the girls loved the old place.
"Just imagine," Jean said. "People actually lived here, and probably wore old fashioned clothes, and rode in carriages. Can you imagine that?"Carrie nodded her head. She could almost picture the old place looking nice.
"Have you thought any more about the box?" she asked. Jean sighed.
"Carrie, if we ever want to find that box, we are going to have to investigate. And by that, I don't mean on the front porch." Carrie gulped.
"You mean, go inside?" Jean smiled.
Rather reluctantly, Carrie followed Jean as she squeaked open the door. The place was the same as before, dark, musty, with cobwebs hanging down from the ceiling. They climbed the old, creaky steps, and into a small room. There was a bed frame, and an old book shelf that was empty. They searched all of the other rooms on the second floor, but they were empty. Until finally they came to a small stairway, leading to an attic. The ceiling was low, and it was very dark. The dust was so thick, it swirled up in the air as the girls entered.
"Look at all this junk!" Carrie cried. Old furniture and boxes were stacked high around the room.
"Hey, it's a treasure chest," Jean joked, pointing to an old chest. They knelt down and slowly lifted the lid. There wasn't much in it, just a book and some papers. Carrie thumbed through the book.
"It's empty-oh wait! Here's a picture!" The girls stared in wonder at the old photograph. A old man stood in the middle, and three young adults were beside him.
"Oh, the two girls are beautiful!" Jean exclaimed, turning the photo over. On the back in faded ink, was printed:
Elijah Stan Parkinson, Johnathon Elijah Parkinson, Madison Elizabeth Parkinson, and Ada Victoria Parkinson
"Carrie! This is Madison and her family! Look, its Grandfather Parkinson, Johnathon, and the girls!" Jean exclaimed.
"Yes! That must be their grandfather. So now we know his name is Elijah! But how is he supposed to show the way?" Carrie asked, puzzled.
"We will just have to keep searching, I guess!"

To Be Continued!


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The Haunted House, Part 4

"Look how big that tree is" Carrie pointed out
"That tree has to be at least a hundred years old".
"Lets read the next page of the diary to get more hints"suggested Jean
Carrie opened the book.

                                     ~ January 18 1865~
                                   There is very little snow.

                                   The sky is filled with clouds.

                           We still haven't got a letter from Jonathan.
                                   Ada is very worried.
                                     I think he's alive.
                          We have no food, so Ada is going to get a job.
    The only thing to do around here is sit under old Parkingson tree and write.
                   I have to go, Ada is calling, and it does not sound so good.

"Parkingson tree!" yelled Jean with excitement.
"So what?"
"Remember the first page" asked Jean as she opened the book.
"Your right Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way" yelled Carrie
"Listen I got to get home" said Jean

To be continued !
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part 4

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The Haunted House, Part 3

     The next day, the sun was out and shining, and the sky seemed as blue as ever. Jean never had the chance to look at the diary, so decided that she and Carrie would look at it after school. The day seemed to drag on. She glanced anxiously at the clock on the wall. Only 15 more minutes!
When the school bell finally rang, they hurried out the door and outside the school building.
"It's too noisy here," Carrie said. "Let's read it somewhere quieter." Jean led her to the porch of the old haunted house. With a worried look, Carrie followed her and sat down on the porch steps. Jean lifted the cover of the leather-bound book, and turned the page.
~January 17th, 1865~
It's very cold out. I don't see how the soldiers can stand the bitter winds. Ada just started a warm fire in the fireplace, so I'm comfortable right now! 
I haven't heard from dear brother Johnathon in a month. I hope he is well! 
At times it gets lonely in this old house. Oh, how I wish Mother and Father were alive! 
I have hidden the box, in a place where no one but myself will ever find it. I plan on leaving it there. For any one who should want it, relatives and such,  I will give you a clue to it's whereabouts. I shall not exactly say where it is, in case this diary shoul fall into enemy hands. And I wouldn't want them to have our precious box. So, here is the clue: It's is covered in a cloth, which is my mother's shawl. It's in a place that I do not like. Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way. 
And so, I must stop writing now, for Ada tells me the cook has finished supper. 
~Madison Eloise 

For a minute, the girls just stared at the yellowed page. 1865! During the Civil War!
"What do you think 'the box" is?" Carrie asked, now fully interested in the old house.
"Who knows! But it must have something special in it, for Madison to hide it like that. And what do you suppose "Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way," means?" Jean asked. "How is he supposed to show us where it is? He's-he's dead!"
"I don't know, but I think we ought to take a look around this house, and see if we can find anything!"Carrie exclaimed.

To be Continued!

Monday, March 26, 2012

part 2

She saw no one,"houses just creaked" she thought pausing to catch her breath she walked slowly up the stair case, each stair creaked. She got to the top and saw the dusty hallway filled with cobwebs and dust.

Sunlight streamed in the window that was murky and dusty through the hallway. She saw a small book, leather bound and dusty, she picked it up and with her hand brushed it off. Her nimble fingers opened it, the pages were old and yellowing, crispy.
written on the first page:
This Diary belongs to Madison Eloise Parkingson.

Jean closed it and placed it in her pocket, later, she would read it, not in this haunted house where you didn't know who was watching.

She looked around, the doors of the rooms where half open, Then deciding she had to go, ran down the stairs and to the front door, but looked behind her as she left and opened the door, the bright sun dazzled her, shutting the door securely behind her walked down the creaky steps.

Carrie walked up.
" Everyone else went to the store to get ice cream, I was decided to wait for you--was it scary?" She asked.
Looking at Jean.
" Ya- kinda," She said.
Then they skipped off down the hill to join the others.

To be continued

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Haunted House, Part 1

The Haunted House, Part 1
By: Kathryn

"Nobody dares go over there," a boy said. A group of children were walking home from school and peering up at the top of a hill, where a house stood.
"They're just being silly," 9 year-old Jean Miller laughed.
"I bet you wouldn't go," another boy taunted.
"Of course I would!" She cried.
"Prove it," the group of children exclaimed. The eager eyes watched as Jean took a deep breath and glanced nervously at her best friend, Carrie. She started to climb the hill.
The old house was abandoned, and rumored to be haunted. The shutters creaked and swayed in the slight breeze. The paint on the siding was long gone, and the porch about to fall apart.
She stopped at the crooked porch steps, and gazed up at the house.
"Go inside!" the children shouted. She gulped. Go inside? It took enough courage to go this far! As much as she wanted to prove she was brave, she couldn't bring herself to go inside the old house. The children kidded her as she ran back down the steep hill.
"Aw, you should have gone inside!"
"Are ya' scared?"
"I am not chicken!" Jean snapped.
"You couldn't go inside that house if your life depended on it!"
"I would if-if someone went with me," she said. Suddenly the group became silent. No one volunteered. Jean looked at Carrie. Carrie gave her a worried look.
"I-I don't think I want to do that," she said, shaking her head.
"Fine! Than I'll do it myself!" Jean marched up the hill. When she reached the rickety porch, she slowly and cautiously climbed the steps. She turned the rusty door handle, and the door creaked loudly. She stepped inside. It was pitch black. All was silent. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw a large wooden staircase.
But before she could climb it, a wooden floor board behind her creaked. She whirled around. 

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