Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Haunted House, Part 4

"Look how big that tree is" Carrie pointed out
"That tree has to be at least a hundred years old".
"Lets read the next page of the diary to get more hints"suggested Jean
Carrie opened the book.

                                     ~ January 18 1865~
                                   There is very little snow.

                                   The sky is filled with clouds.

                           We still haven't got a letter from Jonathan.
                                   Ada is very worried.
                                     I think he's alive.
                          We have no food, so Ada is going to get a job.
    The only thing to do around here is sit under old Parkingson tree and write.
                   I have to go, Ada is calling, and it does not sound so good.

"Parkingson tree!" yelled Jean with excitement.
"So what?"
"Remember the first page" asked Jean as she opened the book.
"Your right Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way" yelled Carrie
"Listen I got to get home" said Jean

To be continued !
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