Monday, July 2, 2012

Hiding From Royalty, Part 17

 Hiding from Royalty, Part 17, by Kathryn

Rob's blue eyes looked at the three helpless girls. 

Three children, he thought. Three children being chased by Royal Guards of the evil King John. This ought not be! Why should young children be kidnapped to work in fields of cotton and grain? Why?  

"Sir? Whom did you promise?" Maria asked again. He turned and looked earnestly in the girl's faces.

"Hannah and Isabella's mother."

"Mother?" Hannah exclaimed. "Where did you see her?"

"Wandering through the woods, calling out Hannah's name. She was crying so, and we knew she needed our help. That's when she told us how her two daughters and husband and been kidnapped by King John, that brute. Now, she didn't tell me about you." He knelt down in front of Maria.

"This is Maria, another girl who was kidnapped. She escaped with us." Isabella squeezed her new friend's hand.

"Ah, I see. Well, we must get going! We have a rather long hike back to your home." Rob stood up.

"Sir Hood? Who is we? I mean, are you traveling alone?" Hannah asked, looking admiringly at the man's bright green outfit and large bow and arrow. 

"Certainly not." Suddenly, Robert whistled loudly. From behind bushes and trees appeared the faces of many men, dressed similar to Rob.

"These, my fair ladies, are my merry men."


Isabella staggered along, trampling the brush that was in her way. They had been traveling through the woods for an hour at least, and she was exhausted.

"How much further, Rob?"

"Oh, we're a few miles away. Would you like to stop and take a rest?" Isabella nodded her head and sank against the base of a moss covered tree.

While the merry men laughed and told jokes, Isabella closed her eyes and rested. She had just started to nod off, when a high-pitched, whizzing, noise sounded.  She opened her eyes and shrieked in fear as an arrow cracked the bark of the tree right above her head.

To be Continued!!!