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Hiding from Royalty Part 16

~Hiding from Royalty, Part 16, By Hannah~ 
           Hannah, in fear's tight grip, managed to calm down. Angrily she swung her head, pulling her hair from the knight's hands. She had sense enough to heed his threat and didn't try to run. But her fear kindled the fire of anger burning inside her, urging words from her throat. " 'Live to see morning' " she spat, "So now King John is killing innocent girls!"

           The knight's large fingers closed around her slim wrist. Hannah smothered a cry of pain. The knight ,surprisingly kind, explained, "You were trying to escape. A penalty charged by death." Before Hannah could reply ,the once kind voice, turned demanding. He rotated his head just enough so that he was facing the still pursing knights. "Go back to your posts before "Highness" catches us all here!"

           He released Hannah's wrist and placed his hand on a sword hanging by his side. Motioning to Isabella and Maria, watching a couple feet away, he asked noncommittally "Your friends?" Hannah, horrified by his calmness, swung to face him, "No you, you, you brute! That is my SISTER!"

           Reaching them they all formed a small huddle. The knights kind voice returned "An introduction to you ladies is at hand. I am Sir Hood." With a glance around he added carefully, "But you may call me...Robert Hood...or if you rather just Rob will suit me fine."

         He finished with a grin as he read the girls surprised faces. Hannah began, most politely, " Oh! You must accept my apology. I was ever so rude. and I had no idea..I mean..that..." ,but ended a little confused. Robert smoothed the awkward feeling with a large laugh, which he quickly ended, as to not attract other knights.

        Isabella was excited at the sound of a name she had often heard her parents talk about. "You mean THE Robert Hood? Right, Rob? You are here to help us?" She finished unsure. A nod from Hood and the color returned to their pale faces. " I must get you girls somewhere safe. You are now my responsibility. I promised." Maria started, quiet and shy. "Sir Hood, Who did you promise?"

~To be Continued...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hiding From Royalty Part 15

          When the girls were hiding behind the tree, they heard the clanging of armor. They knew that there was a very slim chance they would escape. Hannah said to Maria and Isabella, "On 3, run," she said,"1,2...3!" They ran as fast as they could to nowhere in particular.

          Soon the knights caught up to them. Hannah looked to see them, and she saw that out of nowhere the knights had multiplied rapidly. There were about 14 on their tracks!

         One knight ran a little faster than the others. He caught up to the girls easily, and grabbed Hannah by the hair and dragged her back as fast as he could. The knight said,"Come back and you're little friend will live to see the morning!"

      To be continued...

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Welcome, Hannah!

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Hiding from royalty part 14

Written By:Danielle

All of the girls were so terrified when the bar fell. "What are we going to do?!" Maria exclaimed in a whisper. "Is anyone over there?!" shouted a knight. "Girls be quiet." whispered Hannah. "Oh no! We are going to get caught!" Isabella said in a soft but terrified voice. Maria turned her head and all of a sudden, she saw a knight. "Run girls, Run!" Shouted Hannah. They all jumped off the ledge and ran as fast as they could not trying to look back at three more knights. "Stop immediately!" Said 1 knight. "Run!" Shouted Isabella. Maria ran so fast she was getting very tired and out of breath. Maria, slowing down, almost fell but told herself, Come on Maria, this is for your friends father. Keep going. The knights bolted as fast as they could. Maria, Hannah, and Isabella were all so dull and wanted to stop. "Hide behind this tree girls!" whispered Hannah to the girls. The knights were way behind them. They all hid behind the tree trying to keep warm in the brisk wind.

Will Hannah, Maria, and Isabella get caught? Will they be able to save Hannah and Isabella's father?

To be continued...

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Welcome, Lauren!

Welcome, Lauren!!

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Hiding from Royalty: Part 13

Written by Emma M. (A new author)

The three girls, Hannah, Maria and Isabella, were crouched against the dungeon wall, wondering how they would ever get the key to the dungeon door? They didn't even know where the key was kept!

 "I might have an idea." suggested Maria quietly. "You do? What is it?" Hannah and Isabella pushed her for an answer. "Well, there is a small window in the wall of the dungeon that drops down into cell 34. Isn't that where your father is?" Maria asked. "Yes!" Isabella almost shouted, but then quickly looked around to see if any of the guards had heard. Not one of them moved, but stood rigidly in their places by the palace gate, grand gardens, and even the servants entrance. "Go on!" prompted Hannah. "Well," said Maria. "There is a loose bar in the window and if we can get it out, we can squeeze in and get your father!" finished Maria excitedly, but quietly. "Maria, that just might work!" Isabella whispered as loudly as she dared. "Where is the window?" "It's on the very end of the wall." Maria whispered back. "Luckily for us, the guards do not guard the window." "Let's go!" Hannah whispered excitedly.

The girls got up and silently inched their way to the window at the end of the wall. They finally reached it, after what had seemed like hours. Just as the girls were climbing up to the ledge, they heard leaves cracking loudly behind them.

At Hannah's house, her mother was tossing and turning in her bed, trying to get to sleep, but she couldn't knowing Edward and Isabella were probably sleeping on lumpy cots with no blankets in cold, dark, prison cells. She was thankful she still had Hannah, but, how could she ever come up with enough money to free Isabella and now Edward as well?

With all these thoughts swirling around in her head, she knew she could not get to sleep, so she got up and pulled a heavy shawl over her shoulders and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

After she had poured water into the small teakettle and hung it over the fireplace to warm, she decided to go check on Hannah, to see if the girl was sleeping as fitfully as she had. It looked like Hannah was sleeping peacefully, her body scrunched together for warmth looked rather lumpy under the blankets. She considered going over and properly arranging the blankets and pulling the blankets off Hannah's head, but, told herself no, not wanting to waken her from her peaceful sleep.

Isabella gasped as the crackling grew louder and closer. Hannah's eyes widened and Maria grabbed Isabella's hand. The girls prepared themselves, knowing they would turn around to see a guard standing there, ready to take them back to the palace and to major consequences, but when they timidly turned around, their fear turned into laughter.

They tried not to laugh as a small white kitten rubbed and purred against their ankles. Maria let go of Isabella's hand and knelt down to cuddle the kitten. "Isn't she so soft!" she exclaimed in a whisper. Hannah and Isabella let out breaths they seemed to have been holding in. Their eyes showed their relief.

After sending the small kitten on it's way, they slowly started climbing the rocky wall to the window, where there was a small, narrow, ledge. Hannah started shaking the loose bar that Maria pointed out, as quietly as she could. Finally, it came loose. But just as Hannah loosened it, it slipped from her hand and fell to the dungeon floor with a clang, clang, clang.

To be continued.......

Emma. M.

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Hiding from Royalty: Part 12

Written by Emma (A new author)

The next morning, the three girls set off for the dungeon at 7:00 AM.  They decided to leave Buttercup there where they slept in case they got caught.  Who knows what they could do to her?

Hannah climbed the wall versus going through the swamp for a second time.  She saw forty guards scattered everywhere.  "Are they looking for us?  Did they see us escape?  Why would there be so many guards at this time of morning?"  Thoughts like this went through Isabella's mind over and over.

"We have to come up with a plan.  We need to not be spotted by any of the guards." Hannah said.  "That's almost impossible for three girls to not be spotted by forty guards." Isabella said.  Maria said, "I know one way.  Follow me."

The girls followed Maria, sure that she knew where she was going.  Soon they came to a stop.  "We have to climb this wall.  Don't worry, the dungeon is right there."

As they approached the dungeon, they felt an urge to turn back.  The darkness, the cob webs...but they knew they couldn't turn back now.  They had to rescue their dad.  It was now or never.  They must go in, but be on close watch for guards.

When they climbed the wall, they tried opening the door to the dungeon.  It was...locked.  "I'm sorry, the door is never locked!" Maria cried.  "They must know we are trying to get our father back." Isabella said, looking at Hannah.  "We need a key."

To be continued...


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Hiding from Royalty Part 11

     “Come on,” Hannah whispered as she motioned with her hand, “I know how to escape, follow me.”  Leading the horse through the woods, Hannah stealthily made her way to the escape route.  Quietly the two girls followed, silently wondering where they were going.  The three small figures of the girls and the bulky figure of the horse creep through the twilight lit woods.  Finally, Hannah halted and turned around to face Maria and Isabella.

    “Oh, I’m so relieved to see you!” Isabella cried softly. “Wait a second, why are you here and not dad?”  Her face wore an expression of confusion as she tried to figure out what could have happened to her dad.  Did King John send knights to burn down her house?  Had her family fallen ill to some horrible disease and Hannah had barely escaped?

    The two sisters embraced as a cool night breeze blew through their hair.  “I’m so happy I found you.  Dad came to rescue you; I assumed he was captured as well.  You mean you haven’t seen him?” Hannah asked as her worry for her father increased by the second.

     “He was here?!?  Hannah, what if he’s dead!  What if we never see him again?” Panic rose into Isabella’s voice.  She tried to keep her tone quiet, but her mind was racing with loud thoughts.

     Maria set a hand on Isabella’s shoulder, “Don’t worry if your dad came here to rescue you and he did get captured, he is still alive.  King John is too greedy to kill him; he takes all the prisoners he can.”

     Both Hannah and Isabella let out sighs of relief.  “So how are we gonna get dad?” Hannah asked
      “I think we should just focus on getting out of here right now, we don’t even know where he is!” Isabella said.

      Maria spoke up, “Actually, I think I know where he is.  A couple days ago I overheard a conversation between a guard and one of the head maids.  They were talking about a girl named Isabella and how her dad had been captured, and what a shame it was that another family had been broken up.   Then the guard said that he was in the north wing of the dungeon, in cell number 34.”

     “Wait, a guard actually said ‘it’s a shame another family got broken up’?” Isabella asked

     “They’re not all evil; some of them have families too.  Most of them probably just do the job for the money.” Responded Maria as the moonlight shone on her face and outlined her dark skin with shadows.

     “Well…That’s great, I guess, let’s go get dad.” Hannah said. 

     “What do you think we’re gonna do?!  How are we supposed to get him?  I want to find dad too, but do you think we can just waltz in there, break him out of prison, and do the jig past the guards then merrily skip home?!”  Isabella inquired in bewilderment. 

      “I don’t know, but we can’t just leave him! Retorted Hannah, “Listen, It’ll be morning soon, so how ‘bout we get past the fence then get some sleep and talk about it in the morning?” 

   “OK.” Marie and Hannah said simultaneously, they were both eager to be past the confining fence of the castle. 
     “How do we escape anyway?” asked Maria as she stroked Buttercup’s soft hair.

     Hannah smiled, “Everybody thinks that the fence goes all the way around the castle, but it doesn’t.  It ends a little bit ahead when the ground gets a bit swampy.  So all we have to do is ride the horse straight through the swamp because the ground is higher there, and on either side it gets really deep”

     The three girls and the horse walked a bit father till the ground got soft and a swamp began to form.  Then the girls mounted the horse with Hannah in front and began to ride through it.  It took about 30 minuets to get past the swamp and the girls rode another 10 minuets to make sure they were far enough away from the castle until they stopped.  The horse was exhausted from carrying three girls through the thick water; her heavy breath formed small clouds in the cold night air.  As the three dismounted; dew from the tall grass rubbed against them and felt cold on their legs.  The forest was so dense by now that no moonlight escaped the labyrinth of trees to touch the ground.  The girls felt their way to a thick tree and collapsed on the soft mossy ground in exhaustion.

     “Hannah” Isabella asked, “Maybe we shouldn’t go get Dad, maybe we should go back and get help, besides, it’s not fair to Maria.  She shouldn’t have to risk her life to save someone should doesn’t even know.  And anyway what are the chances that we can even help him?”

     Before Hannah could reply, Maria answered. “No.  You need to go rescue your father.  Or at least try.  I would if…  I would try as hard as I could to rescue my dad if he was still alive.” She swallowed and breathed deep. “I grew up in the northern part of France; I had 2 little sisters, and 1 older brother.  Papa owned a bakery which I helped out at on Saturdays.  We were all such a happy family, then it all changed one day.  King John’s men came riding through our village, and burnt it down.  They thought that no one survived; until they looked through the town and found a small eight-year-old girl crying for her parents in the wreckage.  I was the only survivor.  One of the knights, who spoke French picked me up and sat me on his horse.  He planned to take me home with him, but King John was too greedy to let one potential slave slip through his fingers.  He ordered that the knight give the girl to him, when the knight refused…they killed him.  I was brought back here, and taught to speak English.  I never had anyone to love me sense then…”  In the darkness nobody saw the tear roll down Maria’s cheek.

     “We love you.” Said Hannah after a long silence and right before everyone fell asleep she added, “Tomorrow night, we will get our father back!”

Will the girls be able to break their father out of prison?  Will the soldiers find them in the woods?  Is their father still in cell 34?  Stay tuned to find out!!
To Be Continued…

P.S. Hope you liked it!  Also I just wanted to say "Welcome Emma!!!" =D
<3 Laura

Welcome, Emma!!

Welcome Emma, our newest contributor!

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