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The Haunted House, Part 8

 The Haunted House, Part 8, by Kathryn

"Oh no, you don't!" exclaimed Carrie. "I agreed to go up to the porch. I agreed to go in the house. I even agreed to go up in the creepy attic. But you are positively not getting me to agree to go tramping around in a graveyard!" Jean shook her head in disgust.
"Well, I guess you can stay here then," she replied, walking away. But she laughed to herself as she heard Carrie reluctantly follow her towards the graveyard.
They stopped to look at the old oak, where Carrie had spotted the arrow. Large letters were carved under the arrow.
"Look," Jean pointed. "ESP!"
"Esp? That doesn't make sense!" Carried said.
"Hey, there are little decimal points between the letters. E. S. P.!" Jean looked at Carrie with wide eyes.
"Elijah Stan Parkinson!" she whispered. The wind rustled the treetops as the old house groaned.
"This must be Parkinson Tree!"
"Yes, the one that Elijah planted, and Madison used to sit under," Carrie smiled. The girls looked once again towards the graveyard.
"Now why would this arrow be pointing towards the graveyard? What is it supposed to mean?" Jean asked.
"It's showing the way to somewhere," Carrie laughed, leaning up against the old oak. Jean whirled around.
"Carrie!" she yelled. "Show the way! Grandfather Parkinson will show the way! Don't you see, Carrie? Elijah planted the tree, and put his initials on it! When Madison hid the treasure, she must have carved that arrow." Suddenly a light bulb went on. Grandfather Parkinson will show the way. It's in a place I don't like. The words of the diary came rushing back into their heads and pounded in their ears. They were so close to the box!
As the breeze blew their hair, they slowly walked to the grave site. It was a small family plot, with only a dozen or more headstones.
The iron gate creaked in the wind. The bushes rattled. The sky was grey, and looked like at any moment would spill over with a tremendous rain. The frightened yet determined girls walked up and down the rows, until they saw a certain moss covered headstone. They knelt down and gasped.

Elijah Stan Parkinson 

"You know, I don't see Madison or Ava's tombstones," Jean said, looking around. "Just Elizabeth Julia Parkinson and Emerson David Parkinson." Carrie shot her a glance. The parents!
"Hey, remember what Madison said about it being hidden in her mother's shawl?" Carrie asked.
"Yes. Maybe she buried it between her parents," Jean suggested.
"You can do whatever you want, but I refuse to dig near graves," Carrie suddenly exclaimed, shaking her head.
"I just wonder what ever happened to Madison and Ava," Jean sighed. "Let's try and find the box, and then maybe we can do some research and find out why they disappeared!" Jean sent Carrie to go find two small garden shovels. The sun began to sink, and soon it grew dark.

To be Continued!

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part 7

As soon as it stopped raining the two girls ran outside.
They walk over to the old house.
They sat down on the deck holding the diary and the paper from the news paper.
"Carrie, lets try to put the hints together" suggested  Jean
"We know that Madison has a grandfather Parkingson" said Carrie
"Madison said that grandfather Parkingson will show you the way".
" His first name is Elijah".
"We found a tree that Madison calls Parkingson tree".
"Why does she call it Parkingson"asked Carrie
"That,s what we have to find out".
"Lets go back to they attic and see what we can find".
The two girls went in the house and climbed up the stairs.
They opened the door to the attic and went in.
"I,ll look in this box first".
"Look what I found"yelled Carrie
" It,s a old picture of a man planting a tree".
" Look at that girl standing beside him"
They looked on the back .
Madison 2, helping grandpa plant a tree.

"So Elijah planted the tree ".
"Look it,s a letter saying that Elijah Stan Parkingson died in the army".
"When was that wrote"asked Carrie
They walked out of the house and went on the deck.
Then, they walked around the yard and sat down by the tree.
"Look" yelled Carrie
"There,s a arrow on the tree".
"The only thing that way is the grave yard"!

To be continued .........

part 6

part 6 by Rachel S

It was a steady rain, on Saturday. Jean starred out the window of her room, the rain was dripping off the trees making "plop" sounds.  She had asked her Mama if she could go over to her friend's Carrie's place, but no she couldn't she had chores to do. After she cleaned her room, their was a knocking, It was Carrie.
" Hi Jean, do you think we can-" She said.
Jean shook her head.
" My Mama said we had to play in doors, maybe we should go explore in our attic instead," She said.
They walked up to the attic, Jean pulled the light switch on and looked around, it was dusty and dark.
" Oh! I've never noticed these before!" Jean exclaimed.
Carrie cought her breath.
" W-what?" She asked.
Jean emerged from behind the pile of boxes with old newspapers.
" These! it may have archives about the Parkingson house!" She said.
Carrie and Jean sat down and started reading them, they were old and crinkley. Carrie suddenly squeeled with delight.
" Looky!" She said.
Jean looked, on the front cover had the old picture of the house it used to be and a recent picture of it all broken down, it was a fueterette about the house, They read it and then the end paragragh it said.

Eversince that night on Valantines day, The occupants have disappeared, no one knows where they are, where they have gone, searches have  been made but the mystery remains...

Carrie and Jean looked at each other.
" Coooool!" She said.
Jean ripped the page out and saved it so she could read it later. Then they walked down stairs hearing their names being called if they wanted ice cream.

to be continued...

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The Haunted House, Part 5

 The Haunted House, Part 5, by Kathryn

Jean and Carrie went to the old house every day. After sitting on it's slightly crooked porch every day, the place didn't seem quite as scary. In fact, by the end of the week the girls loved the old place.
"Just imagine," Jean said. "People actually lived here, and probably wore old fashioned clothes, and rode in carriages. Can you imagine that?"Carrie nodded her head. She could almost picture the old place looking nice.
"Have you thought any more about the box?" she asked. Jean sighed.
"Carrie, if we ever want to find that box, we are going to have to investigate. And by that, I don't mean on the front porch." Carrie gulped.
"You mean, go inside?" Jean smiled.
Rather reluctantly, Carrie followed Jean as she squeaked open the door. The place was the same as before, dark, musty, with cobwebs hanging down from the ceiling. They climbed the old, creaky steps, and into a small room. There was a bed frame, and an old book shelf that was empty. They searched all of the other rooms on the second floor, but they were empty. Until finally they came to a small stairway, leading to an attic. The ceiling was low, and it was very dark. The dust was so thick, it swirled up in the air as the girls entered.
"Look at all this junk!" Carrie cried. Old furniture and boxes were stacked high around the room.
"Hey, it's a treasure chest," Jean joked, pointing to an old chest. They knelt down and slowly lifted the lid. There wasn't much in it, just a book and some papers. Carrie thumbed through the book.
"It's empty-oh wait! Here's a picture!" The girls stared in wonder at the old photograph. A old man stood in the middle, and three young adults were beside him.
"Oh, the two girls are beautiful!" Jean exclaimed, turning the photo over. On the back in faded ink, was printed:
Elijah Stan Parkinson, Johnathon Elijah Parkinson, Madison Elizabeth Parkinson, and Ada Victoria Parkinson
"Carrie! This is Madison and her family! Look, its Grandfather Parkinson, Johnathon, and the girls!" Jean exclaimed.
"Yes! That must be their grandfather. So now we know his name is Elijah! But how is he supposed to show the way?" Carrie asked, puzzled.
"We will just have to keep searching, I guess!"

To Be Continued!


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The Haunted House, Part 4

"Look how big that tree is" Carrie pointed out
"That tree has to be at least a hundred years old".
"Lets read the next page of the diary to get more hints"suggested Jean
Carrie opened the book.

                                     ~ January 18 1865~
                                   There is very little snow.

                                   The sky is filled with clouds.

                           We still haven't got a letter from Jonathan.
                                   Ada is very worried.
                                     I think he's alive.
                          We have no food, so Ada is going to get a job.
    The only thing to do around here is sit under old Parkingson tree and write.
                   I have to go, Ada is calling, and it does not sound so good.

"Parkingson tree!" yelled Jean with excitement.
"So what?"
"Remember the first page" asked Jean as she opened the book.
"Your right Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way" yelled Carrie
"Listen I got to get home" said Jean

To be continued !
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part 4

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The Haunted House, Part 3

     The next day, the sun was out and shining, and the sky seemed as blue as ever. Jean never had the chance to look at the diary, so decided that she and Carrie would look at it after school. The day seemed to drag on. She glanced anxiously at the clock on the wall. Only 15 more minutes!
When the school bell finally rang, they hurried out the door and outside the school building.
"It's too noisy here," Carrie said. "Let's read it somewhere quieter." Jean led her to the porch of the old haunted house. With a worried look, Carrie followed her and sat down on the porch steps. Jean lifted the cover of the leather-bound book, and turned the page.
~January 17th, 1865~
It's very cold out. I don't see how the soldiers can stand the bitter winds. Ada just started a warm fire in the fireplace, so I'm comfortable right now! 
I haven't heard from dear brother Johnathon in a month. I hope he is well! 
At times it gets lonely in this old house. Oh, how I wish Mother and Father were alive! 
I have hidden the box, in a place where no one but myself will ever find it. I plan on leaving it there. For any one who should want it, relatives and such,  I will give you a clue to it's whereabouts. I shall not exactly say where it is, in case this diary shoul fall into enemy hands. And I wouldn't want them to have our precious box. So, here is the clue: It's is covered in a cloth, which is my mother's shawl. It's in a place that I do not like. Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way. 
And so, I must stop writing now, for Ada tells me the cook has finished supper. 
~Madison Eloise 

For a minute, the girls just stared at the yellowed page. 1865! During the Civil War!
"What do you think 'the box" is?" Carrie asked, now fully interested in the old house.
"Who knows! But it must have something special in it, for Madison to hide it like that. And what do you suppose "Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way," means?" Jean asked. "How is he supposed to show us where it is? He's-he's dead!"
"I don't know, but I think we ought to take a look around this house, and see if we can find anything!"Carrie exclaimed.

To be Continued!

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part 2

She saw no one,"houses just creaked" she thought pausing to catch her breath she walked slowly up the stair case, each stair creaked. She got to the top and saw the dusty hallway filled with cobwebs and dust.

Sunlight streamed in the window that was murky and dusty through the hallway. She saw a small book, leather bound and dusty, she picked it up and with her hand brushed it off. Her nimble fingers opened it, the pages were old and yellowing, crispy.
written on the first page:
This Diary belongs to Madison Eloise Parkingson.

Jean closed it and placed it in her pocket, later, she would read it, not in this haunted house where you didn't know who was watching.

She looked around, the doors of the rooms where half open, Then deciding she had to go, ran down the stairs and to the front door, but looked behind her as she left and opened the door, the bright sun dazzled her, shutting the door securely behind her walked down the creaky steps.

Carrie walked up.
" Everyone else went to the store to get ice cream, I was decided to wait for you--was it scary?" She asked.
Looking at Jean.
" Ya- kinda," She said.
Then they skipped off down the hill to join the others.

To be continued

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The Haunted House, Part 1

The Haunted House, Part 1
By: Kathryn

"Nobody dares go over there," a boy said. A group of children were walking home from school and peering up at the top of a hill, where a house stood.
"They're just being silly," 9 year-old Jean Miller laughed.
"I bet you wouldn't go," another boy taunted.
"Of course I would!" She cried.
"Prove it," the group of children exclaimed. The eager eyes watched as Jean took a deep breath and glanced nervously at her best friend, Carrie. She started to climb the hill.
The old house was abandoned, and rumored to be haunted. The shutters creaked and swayed in the slight breeze. The paint on the siding was long gone, and the porch about to fall apart.
She stopped at the crooked porch steps, and gazed up at the house.
"Go inside!" the children shouted. She gulped. Go inside? It took enough courage to go this far! As much as she wanted to prove she was brave, she couldn't bring herself to go inside the old house. The children kidded her as she ran back down the steep hill.
"Aw, you should have gone inside!"
"Are ya' scared?"
"I am not chicken!" Jean snapped.
"You couldn't go inside that house if your life depended on it!"
"I would if-if someone went with me," she said. Suddenly the group became silent. No one volunteered. Jean looked at Carrie. Carrie gave her a worried look.
"I-I don't think I want to do that," she said, shaking her head.
"Fine! Than I'll do it myself!" Jean marched up the hill. When she reached the rickety porch, she slowly and cautiously climbed the steps. She turned the rusty door handle, and the door creaked loudly. She stepped inside. It was pitch black. All was silent. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she saw a large wooden staircase.
But before she could climb it, a wooden floor board behind her creaked. She whirled around. 

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