Monday, March 26, 2012

part 2

She saw no one,"houses just creaked" she thought pausing to catch her breath she walked slowly up the stair case, each stair creaked. She got to the top and saw the dusty hallway filled with cobwebs and dust.

Sunlight streamed in the window that was murky and dusty through the hallway. She saw a small book, leather bound and dusty, she picked it up and with her hand brushed it off. Her nimble fingers opened it, the pages were old and yellowing, crispy.
written on the first page:
This Diary belongs to Madison Eloise Parkingson.

Jean closed it and placed it in her pocket, later, she would read it, not in this haunted house where you didn't know who was watching.

She looked around, the doors of the rooms where half open, Then deciding she had to go, ran down the stairs and to the front door, but looked behind her as she left and opened the door, the bright sun dazzled her, shutting the door securely behind her walked down the creaky steps.

Carrie walked up.
" Everyone else went to the store to get ice cream, I was decided to wait for you--was it scary?" She asked.
Looking at Jean.
" Ya- kinda," She said.
Then they skipped off down the hill to join the others.

To be continued


  1. Ah!!! This was amazing!! I cannot wait to find out what happens!! Oh wait, I'm supposed to do that! LOL I loved how you incorporated a diary :-) This is going to be fun!!!!

  2. hehe. ya your next. :)

    I can't wait what happens!

  3. I am enjoying this story:) Thanks Rachel for checking out my blog.