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Hello! My name is Kathryn Grace, and I am the Administrator. I am 15 years old, the third of five kids, and a passionate writer. I play the violin and piano, and I am also homeschooled. I started Breathings of Your Heart for girls like myself who love to write stories. I hope that it inspires other young people to write for Him! 
My name is Rachel S.
I'm bouncy, can be outgoing at times and I am out of school (crazy!). I attended a Torchbearer Bible school in Texas last year. Galations 2:20. I am a Christian and I want to be known for Christ in me and Him to be seen in my life. I am the youngest of 5. I enjoy writing fiction, reading classics and drawing. That's me! 

I am 11 years old.
I love writing.
I am exited to join.
I am home schooled, so I have lots of time to write.
I love God.
I am a 11 year old Christian girl, striving to please the Lord! I love God with all my heart and soul.
I enjoy writing, reading, blogging and LOTS and lots more!

Aizess:                                                                                              Hi! My name is Aizess and I am a child of the Most High    God and also a homeschool student. I enjoy blogging at my blog http://christianbookreviewblog.blogspot.com, offering free giveaways, reviewing Christian fiction, photography, and writing. I love having fun in the Lord with my family and my ultimate goal is to live forever with Jesus in heaven.

Hi Everyone! My name is Laura.  I am a 14 year-old (Almost 15 =P) and I love God with all my heart! Writing is a HUGE passion of mine. I've been writing stories since I was about six years old, but recently I have been writing a lot more.  Besides writing I enjoy photography, piano, animal training, biking, hiking, swimming, and just being outdoors.  My family has lots of pets, we have a small hobby farm.  I own 2 goats, 1 cat and 1 dog <3  My favorite color is blue, and my favorite soft drink is probably either Root Beer or Sierra Mist.  I live deep in the country in Ohio and I LOVE it!!!!  Here is the link to my blog http://raindropsinthecountry.blogspot.com/, I would LOVE you if you checked it out and followed.

Hi! My name is Emma. I'm a twelve year old Christian, who lives in the big woods of Maine with my five younger siblings-our littlest girl, we are adopting from China! I play the piano, flute and organ, I love to read, crochet, being besties with Shannon-scroll down to see her profile!-and my most recent hobby is helping my Ukranian-born friend Svitlana learn English!

Hi! My name is Danielle! I am homeschooled christian girl. I love photography, dolls, Writing stories, and blogging!
I have always loved writing a story of my own. I am very excited to start writing christian stories:)
Thanks! Love, Danielle

Hi!  My name is Jan!  I'm a Christian girl who loves animals!  My sister calls me an animal activist!  :). I love AG dolls, writing, painting, singing, and baking, but I'm really terrible at singing and painting.  I'm looking forward to writing stories and posting on the blog!

I was born right here in Maine and I’ve lived here my entire life. I’ve lived in a Pastor’s home ever since I was born pretty much. I’m 12 years old, been writing for a while. I have 2 books going and a third idea for one. I have never been to public school, instead I’ve been homeschooled my entire life. I like to read, write, occasionally draw, and I love to talk! ;p


  1. What a great group of contributors! BTW: I have a surprise for you gals:)

    1. I know!! I am so happy that we have 3 contributors (excluding me) now!!! It's so wonderful!!
      Oh, please, please tell us!!!!!! What could this surprise be?! :D

    2. I was just looking at the comments and saw this!:) What was the surprise?:)

    3. The blog was redesigned by Kianna Rose!!! She did a fabulous job!

  2. I want to be a contributor! hahaha! Just kidding!

    1. LOL why don't you join?! We'd love to have you!!!

    2. Really? Thanks! What do I need to do to join?

  3. If I contibute, do I add my profile thing here?

    1. Yes, you would email me your short bio and a pic at kgrace1999@gmail.com

  4. Kathryn,
    Do you think you could put a more "Recent"
    photo on here? That was about 3 years ago!
    If so, could you email me?
    I will send the picture then.
    If you can`tthats fine.

  5. We have a lot of contributors! :D

  6. Replies
    1. Me too!! I LOVE the beginning! 'Ten years ago, at the end of March, everyone in the world stopped. Lauren had been born' Definitely Laugh out Loud worthy:)

  7. Hey Kathryn!!! I've loved this blog and I love writing, (just I'm really kinda shy about the writing side of me:) I was wondering if I would be able to join? I think it would be super fun and I've thought about it for a long time but I didn't know if I'd be good! :) Anyway just wondering! :-)

    1. Hey Ireland!!!
      Unfortunately, we had to stop letting people join because there are so many members!! We had to stop at 15... I'm so sorry!!! I really wish you could join! I bet you are a fantastic writer!
      Currently, we don't have a story going. When Kianna starts the next story, email me, and I will have you guest post!! Would that work?
      Again, I'm so sorry! :(

    2. Oh that's fine! I understand! I would love to guest post though! Either I'll email you or could you email me and tell me what to do? You still have my email right? Thanks Kathryn! AKA Kaythryn! :)


    3. Thanks so much :)
      Yes!! As soon as the new story begins, you email me and I'll tell you what to do. I think I have yours but knowing me I'll forget to email you lol :P my memory is something awful!
      ~Kaythryn :P

    4. Great! I look forward to it! :) My memory isn't the best either though! :) Let's have a race!!! :)


  8. Wow-we got a lot of girls!!

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