Monday, April 30, 2012

Hiding From Royalty. Part 7.

"BANG BANG BANG" The overseer was at the door of the room to which Isabella and the
other maids slept. The overseer opened the door and said "Get Up you lazy girls! You have
cooking and cleaning and mending to do!" Isabella was a little frightned by the way she
sounded. But she knew God was with her and would rescue her from this torture.
She missed her family so much. SHe espessicly missed playing with her big sister Hannah.
It was already around lunch, and they were still working hard. Isabella was so hungry,
she could eat twice as much as her Father ever could! Atleast that`s how she felt.
She had finished her coking, and now for the cleaning.


                             As she washed the dishes, she
looked over at Maria and knew she missed her family dearly as well. "Hi" Isabella said.
"My name is Isabella. I could talk to you until now because of the overseer" she said.
"Hello" Maria said. "My name is Maria. You might already know that!" she said.
Isabella silently laughed. "Yes! I hear the overseer talking alot about all of the maids around
and I heard her mention your name once!" she said. Maria also laughed. "I hope we can talk
again Isabella! Most likely not though. Because of the overseer." she said. "Yes. Well, we shall
call each other secret friends!" Isabella chuckled.  "Yes! Great idea!"

To Be Continued...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hiding From Royalty pt.6

Written by Kianna Rose

"Wake up men! Those grain fields won't harvest themselves." a task overseer shouted from the dungeon doorway.

The slaves dungeon was a pitiful sight to behold. Disease was common among the captives and filth caked the moss stone walls. The offensive stench of unbathed bodies carried itself from one catacomb to the next. Men of any social standing turned their noses up at the unfortunate creatures who were forced to reside in such a hovel.

Edward rolled over on the cot, groaning. He'd arrived a week before when trying to rescue his daughter Isabella. As he entered the pair of massive castle gates, a knight halted him.

"State your business."

"My name is Edward of Winchester Valley. I've come to take what has been stolen from me."

"You are a serf, are you not? You own nothing, for all that is in your possession belongs to King John."

With that, the knight commanded Edward to dismount and he was taken into castle custody.

Here he was a  week later, harvesting grain for the kings granaries.

A dimly lit candle was Edward's only source of light. He carefully worked his way up the winding stairs for fear he'd fall and break his neck. As he reached the top landing, he walked out into cool country air. Work had officially begun and Edward was eager to complete his tasks. Lately, his mind had been occupied with thoughts and worries of his daughter's safety. Guilt constantly overwhelmed him. How had he allowed this to happen? How had he lost his riches on such foolish investments? What pained him most were not the taunts his neighbors chanted, "Edward, Edward, was rich as a king. Edward, Edward, you now feel poor mans sting." but the terrible circumstances his family was now forced to endure.

"Dear Lord, have mercy on my family" Edward silently prayed. Feeling like a failure hurt his ego, but he was willing to do anything to right this wrong.

The sun shone brightly now. It's radiance overwhelmed him and it's precise location spelled out noon. Noon meant lunch time.

Today, the burden of an utter failure seemed heavier and the lunch line seemed endless. Who would stand in such a line for nothing more than slop. He would. He was desperate. Picking up his pace, Edward reached the end of the snake-like mass of people and waited. His gaze pulled away from the group of gentlemen in front of him to a young girl walking into the castle with baskets in her hands. Probably near Isabella's age he mused. She had on a gray work dress and hat, but a few stray blond curls had escaped. Oh, Isabella had blond curls just like that  his mind dared to press on. As if he'd lost control of himself, Edward walked off the line in hopes of reaching the little girl. It would put his mind to rest in knowing that she was not his daughter. He couldn't bare knowing that his little princess was slaving  over a hot stove, but he couldn't bare not knowing where Isabella was. He neared the entrance... he walked faster... he opened his mouth to call Isabella, but before he could speak, the heavy door slammed shut. He was left with his words in his mouth and pain in his heart.

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Shadows Into Light Studios!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hiding from Royalty part 5

Isabella started doing the dishes, when Maria swept the floor.
"Hi ", Maria whispered .
"No talking ", the night yelled.

Back at home Hannah was laying on her bed.
She could not stop thinking about Isabella.
Her mom walked in.
" I miss her too", said Natalie (her mom).
"Does dad have the money to get Isabella back"?
"Not get".
Hannah cried .
"We only have twenty-two days left" she said as she wiped her tears.
"I know, that is why your dad is working very hard".
"Were is he"?
"He is working in the fields".
"If he is a black smith , why is he gathering grain" ?
"The king made his boss work for him".

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Friday, April 13, 2012

part 4

written by Rachel S ;)

They walked down the dank cold hallway, echoing as they walked along, Isabella looked around in courisity, but the lady was holding their wrists so tight it hurt, as she tried to keep up with the fast pace.
" Don't slow down, their waiting," The lady snapped.
Her adreniline started, who? were they going to be nicer? was it going to be nicer working inside?
They stopped at a stair well and walked up the winding steps, through a door and in the kitchen, were meat and veggies were being cut up, piles of dishes where lying on the surfaces and maids were scurrying around, beating bread.

The both girls looked around, lost in confusion of all the busyness.
" Maria Rose and Isabella Ma'am," The lady said, almost pushing them away into the head cook who was standing there.
" Thankyou, that will be all," He said.
The lady disapeared.
" As you can see, there is a lot of dishes--" He said.
Then looked at the girls who were looking confused.
" Don't stand there, go do the dishes!" He commanded.
They started doing them, their nimble fingers working as fast as they could.

to be continued.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Hiding From Royalty, Part 3

 Hiding From Royalty, Part 3, by Kathryn

       Clang, Clang! The wake-up bell sounded and Isabella groaned. It was hardly even light out! The same servant lady came down the dungeon steps.
"Alright everyone! To the fields!" The slaves mumbled and walked sleepily up the steps. Isabella sat on her cot, unsure what to do.
"You are to go to the fields and work with the rest of them," the lady said. She followed her out of the dungeon, where it immediately led to a fenced-in field. The other slaves were already working.
Isabella shielded the sun with her hand and looked about. While the slaves were hard at work, soldiers on horses nearby made sure no one left. It was going to be a long and tiresome day.

        Isabella fought back the tears as she rubbed her blistered and bleeding hands on her dress. The sun beat down on her back as she pulled up weeds. She was sorry she had ever complained while working in the garden back home. Oh! Even the word 'home' made her heart ache. Where was her family? Would they come rescue her? Why weren't they here, begging the officials to let her go?
"Stop him! Stop him!" shouts broke her thoughts. She looked up to see the King's soldiers galloping through the huge field. One of them raised their bow and arrow, and whish! it whizzed through the air. She couldn't see anything, except that the soldiers had stopped.
"What happened?" Isabella asked a nearby woman slave.
"A slave tried to escape," she said solemnly. "Got an arrow in the back, too." She gulped. Maybe trying to escape at the moment wasn't such a good idea.


It was almost bed time when it happened. She was laying in her cot, staring at the cuts on her hands. Footsteps echoed and the servant lady appeared.
"Listen up everyone! We are in need of girl house slaves, to help with the cooking and cleaning and serving." Murmurs and whispers sounded throughout the room. What luxury! To be a slave in the palace instead of these horrible fields!
Without saying a word, the servant lady grabbed Isabella by the wrist and pulled her up.
"You two," she said, grabbing another girl, "will come with me." Isabella gave a startled look to the other girl. She had dark brown eyes, and long black hair, unlike Isabella's bright blonde hair. She wore a simple brown dress, and worn out shoes. I wonder if she has a family? Isabella thought.
But before she could study the girl anymore, they reached the servant entrance to the palace. Isabella's heart leaped excitedly as the servant lady opened the wooden door.

To be Continued!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hiding From Royalty pt.2

Written by Kianna Rose

Through the thick country dust, I could see my father pursuing the knight who had kidnapped Isabella. The wind carried his desperate plea, "Please sir, release my daughter. Please!" The knight did not slow his horse's trot and I could hear my sister's cry for mercy.


"Hold still ma'lady." the knight ordered. The stench of horse manure carried itself up to Isabella's nostrils, causing her to gag.

Isabella remained still, though her body ached from the horses strong gallop. Thoughts of her family, her schooling and her life flashed before her. Could this really be the end of her young life? Would she really die as a slave?

"Sir, might I ask where you are taking me to?" she ventured.

"If you insist." the man grumbled. He cleared his throat and continued, "I am commanded to take you from this place to Winchester Castle by order of King John of England. Almost as an after thought he added, "Your father owes a large sum of money to the King and has refused to pay it. You will serve as a ransom. If he pays within thirty days, you will be released. It he fails to pay, you will become a slave.

Isabella nearly fell of the horse as she heard this terrible news. Father always had money. When the collection plate was passed around at Sunday services, he'd empty his pockets. Father also bought Isabella and Hannah new dresses for their birthdays. And who could forget his contribution to the orphanage fund?! How had a man who lived so comfortably sink so deeply into debt. And now his daughter was being held as a ransom! Isabella decided she would need to escape... but how? The knight had tightened his grip on her. Her immobility weakened her resolve to form a successful escape plan. She decided that the best thing was to stay put and escape when she gained strength.

Within the hour, Isabella could see the peak of the castle. Her heart thumped wildly as she thought of living life in such luxury. Then, as if the knight could read her mind, he agreed, "A beautiful castle, is it not?"

The thought of living in such a castle with mother and father and even Hannah pleased Isabella very much. Then she remembered that she was not invited to live in the castle, but forced to work in it. As they arrived, the knight entered the massive gates and dismounted. To the maid awaiting their arrival he called out, "Cecilia, take this young lady to the dungeon with the other slaves."

Slaves? The word sounded horrible, even more so when Isabella realized that she would become part of that group.

"Yes, sir" the woman obediently responded and took Isabella's hand.

The maid guided Isabella down a winding stair case and into a cell. With stale bread scraps in her stomach Isabella felt strength returning to her bones.

"I will escape tomorrow, for it is far to dark for me to travel by moon light tonight." she thought.

When the candles were blown out, Isabella knelled beside her cot pray.
"Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen."

After her heartfelt prayer, Isabella rolled onto her cot. The dungeon was damp, cold, musty and terribly dark. She could hear the squeak of mice and with a glint of moonlight shining through the barred window, the glistening webs of spiders cast shadows onto her face.

Isabella's eyelids grew heavy. She closed them and drifted off to sleep.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New story/ Hiding From Royalty part 1

I was sitting on a rock when my sister Isabella came and sat beside me.

"Hannah, why do we live in the mountains "?
"To hide from king John" I answered
All of the sudden a chariot came up to our house.
Dad came running out.
"O no" yelled dad
"Girls, get inside ".
The two girls ran inside.
They peeked out the window.
A knight was heading for the door!
He opened the door and grabbed Isabella,s long brown hair.
Me and my parents ran outside crying.
"Hannah, go get my sack of gold" demanded dad
I ran inside and got his gold.
"Here dad".
"Were are you going"?
"To get Isabella".
He got on a horse.

Will Isabella ever get home?
Will the knights take her dad as a slave?
To be continued .

A Thank You, and A Welcome!

I want to give a big thank you to Rachel and Aili, my contributors! The Haunted House was fun to write and read!
And also, A big Welcome to Kianna, our newest contributor! She will be joining us in the newest story!

Kianna has one very nice blog: Kianna's Korner
Please go visit it!
Kathryn :-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ending of Haunted House, Part 10

They began walking towards the building .
"Here we are"!
The three of them walked up to the desk.
" Can I help you"asked a lady?
"Were is Elizabeth Jamison"?
"Room 17".
Carrie knocked on the door.
"Come in".
"Hi, I,m Jean".
"I,m Carrie".
"I,m Jeans mom".
"Me and my friend found this old box that was your mothers ".
"They want you to have it".
"Well ,thanks".
"This means a lot to me"! 
They said good bye and left.
The girls had a great adventure and will never forget Madison and her family.

Next ......
Hiding from Royalty ! 

The Haunted House, Part 9

I am taking Rachel's place, since she said she was just out of ideas (I totally understand!). Next it will be Aili's turn!
The Haunted House, Part 9, by Kathryn 

Jean gasped as a piercing scream sounded through the darkness.
"Carrie! Are you alright?"
"It was a worm!" She cried. "Crawling on my hand!" Jean rolled her eyes and continued to dig with her garden shovel. It was now dark out, and the bright moon shined down on the girls as they dug between the graves.
"What do you think is in the box?" Jean asked. Carrie stopped for a moment and wiped her brow.
"I don't know," she replied. "But it must be something valuable for her to bury it this deep!"
"If it's here," Jean mumbled. She thrust her shovel down deeper. Clang! She had found something!
"What was that?" Carrie asked. Jean excitedly started digging deeper into the rich soil.
"I see something!" She exclaimed. Together they pulled, until finally in a cloud of dirt, they flung a metal box up. It was covered in a faded pink shawl.
Neither girls could say a word. They struggled to contain their excitement as Jean began to lift the metal lid. Carrie held their flashlight up high, so they could see everything.
The lid squeaked open.
"Oh!" They exclaimed. Inside the box was filled with a mixture of old things. Pictures, papers, a teacup, a fan, and all sorts of old things.
"These must be family heirlooms!" Carrie said. Jean closed the lid.
"Carrie, we must find a relative of Madison and give him these things!"
"A relative?"
"Yes, a person that is related to another person." Carrie playfully slapped Jean on the arm.
"I know what a relative is! I mean, where will we ever find a relative of Madison?"

A few months later, the girls found out. They had done some research, through old newspapers and records. They had discovered that Madison and Ada's brother Johnathon died in the war. Two years later, Ada died of a severe illness. That left Madison and her new husband Jacob, alone. Grief-stricken, they left the old house, and everything in it, to start fresh somewhere else. No one knew where they had gone, until years later.
In 1870, they had a little girl. Her name was Elizabeth Ada Jamison.
But the best thing the girls had found out, was that Elizabeth was still living, and was residing at Willow Way Nursing Home only 20 minutes from where they lived. She was 85 years old.

Carrie, Jean, and Mrs. Miller (Jean's Mom) climbed into the car and started to drive to Willow Way. Jean sat in her seat, gripping the metal box and the shawl. What will Elizabeth be like? she wondered. Will she appreciate the us finding the box for her? Or will she even care?

To be Continued...