Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Haunted House, Part 9

I am taking Rachel's place, since she said she was just out of ideas (I totally understand!). Next it will be Aili's turn!
The Haunted House, Part 9, by Kathryn 

Jean gasped as a piercing scream sounded through the darkness.
"Carrie! Are you alright?"
"It was a worm!" She cried. "Crawling on my hand!" Jean rolled her eyes and continued to dig with her garden shovel. It was now dark out, and the bright moon shined down on the girls as they dug between the graves.
"What do you think is in the box?" Jean asked. Carrie stopped for a moment and wiped her brow.
"I don't know," she replied. "But it must be something valuable for her to bury it this deep!"
"If it's here," Jean mumbled. She thrust her shovel down deeper. Clang! She had found something!
"What was that?" Carrie asked. Jean excitedly started digging deeper into the rich soil.
"I see something!" She exclaimed. Together they pulled, until finally in a cloud of dirt, they flung a metal box up. It was covered in a faded pink shawl.
Neither girls could say a word. They struggled to contain their excitement as Jean began to lift the metal lid. Carrie held their flashlight up high, so they could see everything.
The lid squeaked open.
"Oh!" They exclaimed. Inside the box was filled with a mixture of old things. Pictures, papers, a teacup, a fan, and all sorts of old things.
"These must be family heirlooms!" Carrie said. Jean closed the lid.
"Carrie, we must find a relative of Madison and give him these things!"
"A relative?"
"Yes, a person that is related to another person." Carrie playfully slapped Jean on the arm.
"I know what a relative is! I mean, where will we ever find a relative of Madison?"

A few months later, the girls found out. They had done some research, through old newspapers and records. They had discovered that Madison and Ada's brother Johnathon died in the war. Two years later, Ada died of a severe illness. That left Madison and her new husband Jacob, alone. Grief-stricken, they left the old house, and everything in it, to start fresh somewhere else. No one knew where they had gone, until years later.
In 1870, they had a little girl. Her name was Elizabeth Ada Jamison.
But the best thing the girls had found out, was that Elizabeth was still living, and was residing at Willow Way Nursing Home only 20 minutes from where they lived. She was 85 years old.

Carrie, Jean, and Mrs. Miller (Jean's Mom) climbed into the car and started to drive to Willow Way. Jean sat in her seat, gripping the metal box and the shawl. What will Elizabeth be like? she wondered. Will she appreciate the us finding the box for her? Or will she even care?

To be Continued...

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