Monday, April 30, 2012

Hiding From Royalty. Part 7.

"BANG BANG BANG" The overseer was at the door of the room to which Isabella and the
other maids slept. The overseer opened the door and said "Get Up you lazy girls! You have
cooking and cleaning and mending to do!" Isabella was a little frightned by the way she
sounded. But she knew God was with her and would rescue her from this torture.
She missed her family so much. SHe espessicly missed playing with her big sister Hannah.
It was already around lunch, and they were still working hard. Isabella was so hungry,
she could eat twice as much as her Father ever could! Atleast that`s how she felt.
She had finished her coking, and now for the cleaning.


                             As she washed the dishes, she
looked over at Maria and knew she missed her family dearly as well. "Hi" Isabella said.
"My name is Isabella. I could talk to you until now because of the overseer" she said.
"Hello" Maria said. "My name is Maria. You might already know that!" she said.
Isabella silently laughed. "Yes! I hear the overseer talking alot about all of the maids around
and I heard her mention your name once!" she said. Maria also laughed. "I hope we can talk
again Isabella! Most likely not though. Because of the overseer." she said. "Yes. Well, we shall
call each other secret friends!" Isabella chuckled.  "Yes! Great idea!"

To Be Continued...


  1. Great job, Aaliyah!! What a wonderful start to a great friendship, I'm sure, between Isabella and Maria :) Luv it!

  2. Aaliyah,
    You are so good!

    I have been getting on this blog ever since day one! I just don't have blogs is why I didn't join. But it is soooo COOL! All the writers are fantastic!!!!!!!


    1. Hi Hannah!!
      Oh, wow! We all are just thrilled (aren't we, girls?!) that you like all the stories!!! Thank you :)