Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hiding From Royalty: Part 10

Written by Brooke.

The two girls quickly and quietly climbed down the wall. They must be perfectly silent, for fear a guard might see or hear them. Once they reached the bottom, they crawled along the wall behind the bushes. Once Maria kicked a stone accidentally. The girls froze and strained their ears, listening, waiting, watching. No guards appeared. They crawled some more. Then they saw a beautiful sight. Past the woods, at the very edge, they could see the castle gate.

The way to freedom.

"Maria!" hissed Isabella. "We have to make a run for it. See that huge tree? Run behind that one. Now go, go, go!" Swiftly but silently, their feet pounded into the mossy earth. Isabella made it to behind the tree first. Suddenly a hand clamped over Isabella's mouth. She tried to scream but was unable to do so. "Shh", a voice whispered. "It's me-Hannah. I came to rescue you." Isabella immediately relaxed. Just then Maria darted behind the tree. Then she saw Hannah. "What's going on?" she whispered in a frightened tone. "My sister", Isabella replied shortly. They must stop talking and press on. Every second counted.

Cautiously the three and Buttercup moved through the woods. They hardly dared to breathe. If they were caught, they could be badly mistreated-or worse.

When they finally got to the edge of the woods, Hannah let out a soft gasp. They couldn't believe their eyes. Surrounding the gate were at least a dozen armed soldiers. They were so close to freedom yet so far away. How could they ever escape now?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hiding From Royalty: Part 9

Written by Aizess

Darkness draped heavily around Hannah as the eerie silhouette of the castle walls loomed in the near distance. What am I doing? How on earth am I planning to save Isabella? What if…?

Not for the first time, doubt wormed into her mind. Resolutely, she shoved it away. With God’s help I shall rescue Isabella. “I just need to find her, and then we need to plan her escape, and then she needs to leave the castle grounds without detection while I continue to hide undercover and- argh!” Her exasperated sigh hovered in the stillness. She had no idea how she was going to rescue Isabella.

But she knew she would.

God’s peace in her spirit confirmed that truth.

She halted at the edge of the dense woods that surrounded the castle. She leaped off her horse, Buttercup, and tied her to a tree trunk. Falling to her knees in the damp earth, she prayed inwardly for strength, courage, and God’s help in rescuing her sister. Afterward, she settled comfortably against another tree trunk to wait and watch for her sister. Only the owls, crickets, and cool night air accompanied her. And the castle guards.


Tonight was the night. Isabella tied her sack of meager belongings to her back and checked to make sure that the rope was secure. Silently, she dropped to her knees one last time beside her mat and pleaded with the Almighty for His protection and her success. Rising quietly to her feet, she tiptoed to the bottom of the tiny window and allowed herself one last look at the sleeping girls in the dark, dank room.

If I could rescue them all, I would. Her eyes landed on the slumbering form of her friend Maria.

You could rescue... one.

She heard the Lord’s voice so clearly that she looked around the room to see if anyone had spoken. Snores and heavy breathing answered her. She felt the Holy Spirit prompting her to help Maria escape.

She walked towards her, being careful of the other sleeping girls, and lightly touched her cheek. The sudden coldness of Isabella’s hand on Maria’s lukewarm cheek jolted her awake.

“Shh.” Isabella placed a finger over her mouth.

Motioning Maria to the window, Isabella pointed at the rope that swayed lightly with the breeze. Maria objected by shaking her head vigorously. Isabella countered with an equally vigorous shake of her head. Finally, she pointed heavenward with her index finger. “God,“ she mouthed. Maria’s eyes widened and she quickly grabbed her thin blanket, tied it about her shoulders, stepped unto the dresser, which contained some worn blankets, that Isabella had pushed under the window the day before, and proceeded to climb over the moss covered stone walls into the frigid night air.

Greatly encouraged by her friends bravery, Isabella stepped unto the dresser and began her climb to an uncertain future. A future of either life… or death.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome Laura!!!

Welcome Laura!!!!!

 She's our newest contributor .

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hiding From Royalty pt. 8

by Ruby Plank

As Maria and Isabella washed the dishes, Isabella began to tell of her coming here, how she was taken from her family by the knight. She told Maria about her family and how she missed them so much. She told Maria about Hannah, Isabella missed her very much.

    Back at home, Hannah woke in the middle of the night. She had a nightmare. A terrible, horrible nightmare about not seeing Isabella ever again. She did not scream when she awoke, she did not want to wake her mother. After waiting an hour of laying in her bed, she could not get back to sleep. She worried about Isabella. Hannah just laid flat on her back staring at the ceiling, deep in thought. Hannah was determind to save her sister, and her father. She finally decided, weil her mother was still asleep, she would run away, and go to the castle and bring Isabella back.
  Hannah packed some cloths and food, went to the stable and picked her horse, prayed to God for guidence, and rode of in the night.