Friday, October 10, 2014

Captured! Part 3, by Aili

After a long afternoons work of chopping carrots and doing dishes, Ms. Canmore finally let me go. "I suppose you can stay in my tent for the night, I have a spare bed anyway." she continued in a harsh way "If you don't try to murder me in my sleep". I rolled my eyes "I don't plan to." I turned my back to her and walked out.

 I looked around, it was already quite dark out. Most of the men were sitting around a fire, talking and laughing to each other. I was freezing, for my wool shawl wasn't enough. I thought about running, but there were too many men guarding the borders of the camp.

I turned my head and saw a young Redcoat coming towards me. "Are you Samantha?" I looked at him. I would of guessed that he was around seventeen. "Yes, I am." I said with an attitude. He came closer. "I have orders to take you to the prisoner tent." He had short brown hair, green eyes and a face covered in freckles. "Prisoner tent? I'm staying with Ms. Canmore." I said with confidence. "I'm sorry, I must take you to the prisoner tent. Trust me, it's better than it sounds." I crossed my arms and grunted "Fine". He smiled "Follow me".

I followed him into a small tent with a dirt floor, same as the kitchen. In it were two grungy mats with a few blankets. He picked up a frayed rope and I just sighed. "Do you really have to tie me up? It's not like I'm gonna go wandering threw the forest at night, alone." He smiled agian "Good to know, but neither of us has a choice." I put my arms out and he wrapped the rope around my wrists. "Yikes! Not too tight." I yelled. He laughed "Sorry" and loosened the knot. "I'm Miller by the way". He finished and let me sit down. "Good night, Samantha."

When he left, I expected I'd cry. I mean, for goodness sakes, I'm being held hostage by the Redcoats! But instead, I smiled and let out a brief blush. I kind of got mad at myself, was I really blushing over a Redcoat who had just tied me up?

The night was long and very, very cold. I swear, I was numb they entire night. When the sun finally arose, I wondered if I could exit the tent, for only my hands were tied. I decided to wait until someone came and got me to help with breakfast. After waiting about an hour, Miller finally came and got me. "Good morning!" He said cheerfullly. "Now, I'll untie you, but you must promise not to run. Promise?" I stood up to let him untie me. "I promise".

Miller took me to the kitchen and right away,  Ms. Canmore was bossing me around. "Now,  I'm gonna start on breakfast, so I need you to peel the potatoes for lunch, Then, you can hand out breakfast and do the dishes." As hard as it was for me to respect her, she was just a hardworking old widow trying to cook for God knows how many men. "Yes, Ma'am." I replied. 

After the potatoes were peeled, Ms. Canmore, had me hand out bowls of some kind of mush that was supposed to be edible. Not surprisingly, it tasted even worse then it looked.

After handing out breakfast and having my own, Miller approached me. "Do you miss your camp?" I looked at him. "Yes." He thought for a moment, " All of this must be very overwhelming for you." I quickly replied "Yes, it sure is." There was a short pause "Ms. Canmore must be hard to work with. I'll see if you can get the day off, and spend it with me?" I smiled "That would be nice, although, I'm a prisoner, not a guest."

 To be continued! I hoped you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Captured! Part 2, by Rachel S

They took me across the camp, looking around, I saw soldiers in redcoats walking around, talking, sharing a laugh, a few were sitting around a small fire they made, their rifles at their sides. I hesitated but I felt a sharp pain on my arm as he pulled me.
" Hurry," He said in a military manner.
a shiver went down my spine. what would happen to me now? We walked up to a bigger tent. A ramshackle sign said it was the dining hall. He stopped at the entrance and called for someone to come out. An older lady walked out, an apron on, she looked hot, like she was bent over a stove for a long time.
" Ms. Canmore, We have a girl here who'd be of help to you in the kitchen," He said.
Ms. Canmore looked older, weathered face, tall and stern. She looked down at me.
" Whats your name?" She asked.
" Samantha Braxton Ma'am," I said, looking down at my foot that was scuffing a rock on the ground.
" Speak up girl! I can't hear you, look me in the eyes when you speak," She said.
I looked up, into her stern eyes, her brown hair wispy pulled into a bun, she looked tired.
" Samantha Braxton Ma'am," I said a little louder.
Ms. Canmore looked at the soldier, sighed and folded her arms.
" I'll keep her out of trouble, come on Samantha," She said.
The soldier let me go like a hot iron, I felt my arm trying to soothe the pain out of it. But I didn't get any time to think because before I knew it, Ms. Canmore was pushing me inside the tent, telling me what to do in a rushed manner. I was scared.
to be contiued