Friday, April 13, 2012

part 4

written by Rachel S ;)

They walked down the dank cold hallway, echoing as they walked along, Isabella looked around in courisity, but the lady was holding their wrists so tight it hurt, as she tried to keep up with the fast pace.
" Don't slow down, their waiting," The lady snapped.
Her adreniline started, who? were they going to be nicer? was it going to be nicer working inside?
They stopped at a stair well and walked up the winding steps, through a door and in the kitchen, were meat and veggies were being cut up, piles of dishes where lying on the surfaces and maids were scurrying around, beating bread.

The both girls looked around, lost in confusion of all the busyness.
" Maria Rose and Isabella Ma'am," The lady said, almost pushing them away into the head cook who was standing there.
" Thankyou, that will be all," He said.
The lady disapeared.
" As you can see, there is a lot of dishes--" He said.
Then looked at the girls who were looking confused.
" Don't stand there, go do the dishes!" He commanded.
They started doing them, their nimble fingers working as fast as they could.

to be continued.