Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Haunted House, Part 3

     The next day, the sun was out and shining, and the sky seemed as blue as ever. Jean never had the chance to look at the diary, so decided that she and Carrie would look at it after school. The day seemed to drag on. She glanced anxiously at the clock on the wall. Only 15 more minutes!
When the school bell finally rang, they hurried out the door and outside the school building.
"It's too noisy here," Carrie said. "Let's read it somewhere quieter." Jean led her to the porch of the old haunted house. With a worried look, Carrie followed her and sat down on the porch steps. Jean lifted the cover of the leather-bound book, and turned the page.
~January 17th, 1865~
It's very cold out. I don't see how the soldiers can stand the bitter winds. Ada just started a warm fire in the fireplace, so I'm comfortable right now! 
I haven't heard from dear brother Johnathon in a month. I hope he is well! 
At times it gets lonely in this old house. Oh, how I wish Mother and Father were alive! 
I have hidden the box, in a place where no one but myself will ever find it. I plan on leaving it there. For any one who should want it, relatives and such,  I will give you a clue to it's whereabouts. I shall not exactly say where it is, in case this diary shoul fall into enemy hands. And I wouldn't want them to have our precious box. So, here is the clue: It's is covered in a cloth, which is my mother's shawl. It's in a place that I do not like. Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way. 
And so, I must stop writing now, for Ada tells me the cook has finished supper. 
~Madison Eloise 

For a minute, the girls just stared at the yellowed page. 1865! During the Civil War!
"What do you think 'the box" is?" Carrie asked, now fully interested in the old house.
"Who knows! But it must have something special in it, for Madison to hide it like that. And what do you suppose "Grandfather Parkingson will show you the way," means?" Jean asked. "How is he supposed to show us where it is? He's-he's dead!"
"I don't know, but I think we ought to take a look around this house, and see if we can find anything!"Carrie exclaimed.

To be Continued!