Friday, March 30, 2012

part 6

part 6 by Rachel S

It was a steady rain, on Saturday. Jean starred out the window of her room, the rain was dripping off the trees making "plop" sounds.  She had asked her Mama if she could go over to her friend's Carrie's place, but no she couldn't she had chores to do. After she cleaned her room, their was a knocking, It was Carrie.
" Hi Jean, do you think we can-" She said.
Jean shook her head.
" My Mama said we had to play in doors, maybe we should go explore in our attic instead," She said.
They walked up to the attic, Jean pulled the light switch on and looked around, it was dusty and dark.
" Oh! I've never noticed these before!" Jean exclaimed.
Carrie cought her breath.
" W-what?" She asked.
Jean emerged from behind the pile of boxes with old newspapers.
" These! it may have archives about the Parkingson house!" She said.
Carrie and Jean sat down and started reading them, they were old and crinkley. Carrie suddenly squeeled with delight.
" Looky!" She said.
Jean looked, on the front cover had the old picture of the house it used to be and a recent picture of it all broken down, it was a fueterette about the house, They read it and then the end paragragh it said.

Eversince that night on Valantines day, The occupants have disappeared, no one knows where they are, where they have gone, searches have  been made but the mystery remains...

Carrie and Jean looked at each other.
" Coooool!" She said.
Jean ripped the page out and saved it so she could read it later. Then they walked down stairs hearing their names being called if they wanted ice cream.

to be continued...