Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Haunted House, Part 5

 The Haunted House, Part 5, by Kathryn

Jean and Carrie went to the old house every day. After sitting on it's slightly crooked porch every day, the place didn't seem quite as scary. In fact, by the end of the week the girls loved the old place.
"Just imagine," Jean said. "People actually lived here, and probably wore old fashioned clothes, and rode in carriages. Can you imagine that?"Carrie nodded her head. She could almost picture the old place looking nice.
"Have you thought any more about the box?" she asked. Jean sighed.
"Carrie, if we ever want to find that box, we are going to have to investigate. And by that, I don't mean on the front porch." Carrie gulped.
"You mean, go inside?" Jean smiled.
Rather reluctantly, Carrie followed Jean as she squeaked open the door. The place was the same as before, dark, musty, with cobwebs hanging down from the ceiling. They climbed the old, creaky steps, and into a small room. There was a bed frame, and an old book shelf that was empty. They searched all of the other rooms on the second floor, but they were empty. Until finally they came to a small stairway, leading to an attic. The ceiling was low, and it was very dark. The dust was so thick, it swirled up in the air as the girls entered.
"Look at all this junk!" Carrie cried. Old furniture and boxes were stacked high around the room.
"Hey, it's a treasure chest," Jean joked, pointing to an old chest. They knelt down and slowly lifted the lid. There wasn't much in it, just a book and some papers. Carrie thumbed through the book.
"It's empty-oh wait! Here's a picture!" The girls stared in wonder at the old photograph. A old man stood in the middle, and three young adults were beside him.
"Oh, the two girls are beautiful!" Jean exclaimed, turning the photo over. On the back in faded ink, was printed:
Elijah Stan Parkinson, Johnathon Elijah Parkinson, Madison Elizabeth Parkinson, and Ada Victoria Parkinson
"Carrie! This is Madison and her family! Look, its Grandfather Parkinson, Johnathon, and the girls!" Jean exclaimed.
"Yes! That must be their grandfather. So now we know his name is Elijah! But how is he supposed to show the way?" Carrie asked, puzzled.
"We will just have to keep searching, I guess!"

To Be Continued!

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