Friday, March 30, 2012

part 7

As soon as it stopped raining the two girls ran outside.
They walk over to the old house.
They sat down on the deck holding the diary and the paper from the news paper.
"Carrie, lets try to put the hints together" suggested  Jean
"We know that Madison has a grandfather Parkingson" said Carrie
"Madison said that grandfather Parkingson will show you the way".
" His first name is Elijah".
"We found a tree that Madison calls Parkingson tree".
"Why does she call it Parkingson"asked Carrie
"That,s what we have to find out".
"Lets go back to they attic and see what we can find".
The two girls went in the house and climbed up the stairs.
They opened the door to the attic and went in.
"I,ll look in this box first".
"Look what I found"yelled Carrie
" It,s a old picture of a man planting a tree".
" Look at that girl standing beside him"
They looked on the back .
Madison 2, helping grandpa plant a tree.

"So Elijah planted the tree ".
"Look it,s a letter saying that Elijah Stan Parkingson died in the army".
"When was that wrote"asked Carrie
They walked out of the house and went on the deck.
Then, they walked around the yard and sat down by the tree.
"Look" yelled Carrie
"There,s a arrow on the tree".
"The only thing that way is the grave yard"!

To be continued .........