Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hiding from Royalty: Part 13

Written by Emma M. (A new author)

The three girls, Hannah, Maria and Isabella, were crouched against the dungeon wall, wondering how they would ever get the key to the dungeon door? They didn't even know where the key was kept!

 "I might have an idea." suggested Maria quietly. "You do? What is it?" Hannah and Isabella pushed her for an answer. "Well, there is a small window in the wall of the dungeon that drops down into cell 34. Isn't that where your father is?" Maria asked. "Yes!" Isabella almost shouted, but then quickly looked around to see if any of the guards had heard. Not one of them moved, but stood rigidly in their places by the palace gate, grand gardens, and even the servants entrance. "Go on!" prompted Hannah. "Well," said Maria. "There is a loose bar in the window and if we can get it out, we can squeeze in and get your father!" finished Maria excitedly, but quietly. "Maria, that just might work!" Isabella whispered as loudly as she dared. "Where is the window?" "It's on the very end of the wall." Maria whispered back. "Luckily for us, the guards do not guard the window." "Let's go!" Hannah whispered excitedly.

The girls got up and silently inched their way to the window at the end of the wall. They finally reached it, after what had seemed like hours. Just as the girls were climbing up to the ledge, they heard leaves cracking loudly behind them.

At Hannah's house, her mother was tossing and turning in her bed, trying to get to sleep, but she couldn't knowing Edward and Isabella were probably sleeping on lumpy cots with no blankets in cold, dark, prison cells. She was thankful she still had Hannah, but, how could she ever come up with enough money to free Isabella and now Edward as well?

With all these thoughts swirling around in her head, she knew she could not get to sleep, so she got up and pulled a heavy shawl over her shoulders and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

After she had poured water into the small teakettle and hung it over the fireplace to warm, she decided to go check on Hannah, to see if the girl was sleeping as fitfully as she had. It looked like Hannah was sleeping peacefully, her body scrunched together for warmth looked rather lumpy under the blankets. She considered going over and properly arranging the blankets and pulling the blankets off Hannah's head, but, told herself no, not wanting to waken her from her peaceful sleep.

Isabella gasped as the crackling grew louder and closer. Hannah's eyes widened and Maria grabbed Isabella's hand. The girls prepared themselves, knowing they would turn around to see a guard standing there, ready to take them back to the palace and to major consequences, but when they timidly turned around, their fear turned into laughter.

They tried not to laugh as a small white kitten rubbed and purred against their ankles. Maria let go of Isabella's hand and knelt down to cuddle the kitten. "Isn't she so soft!" she exclaimed in a whisper. Hannah and Isabella let out breaths they seemed to have been holding in. Their eyes showed their relief.

After sending the small kitten on it's way, they slowly started climbing the rocky wall to the window, where there was a small, narrow, ledge. Hannah started shaking the loose bar that Maria pointed out, as quietly as she could. Finally, it came loose. But just as Hannah loosened it, it slipped from her hand and fell to the dungeon floor with a clang, clang, clang.

To be continued.......

Emma. M.


  1. I LOVED your part!! It is very well written and you have some serious talent when it comes to writing! :D

  2. WOW, Emma!! That was wonderful!!

  3. Thanks guys! Oops, I mean girls:)

  4. I love it Emma! Fantastic job! :)