Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hiding from Royalty: Part 12

Written by Emma (A new author)

The next morning, the three girls set off for the dungeon at 7:00 AM.  They decided to leave Buttercup there where they slept in case they got caught.  Who knows what they could do to her?

Hannah climbed the wall versus going through the swamp for a second time.  She saw forty guards scattered everywhere.  "Are they looking for us?  Did they see us escape?  Why would there be so many guards at this time of morning?"  Thoughts like this went through Isabella's mind over and over.

"We have to come up with a plan.  We need to not be spotted by any of the guards." Hannah said.  "That's almost impossible for three girls to not be spotted by forty guards." Isabella said.  Maria said, "I know one way.  Follow me."

The girls followed Maria, sure that she knew where she was going.  Soon they came to a stop.  "We have to climb this wall.  Don't worry, the dungeon is right there."

As they approached the dungeon, they felt an urge to turn back.  The darkness, the cob webs...but they knew they couldn't turn back now.  They had to rescue their dad.  It was now or never.  They must go in, but be on close watch for guards.

When they climbed the wall, they tried opening the door to the dungeon.  It was...locked.  "I'm sorry, the door is never locked!" Maria cried.  "They must know we are trying to get our father back." Isabella said, looking at Hannah.  "We need a key."

To be continued...