Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hiding from Royalty Part 16

~Hiding from Royalty, Part 16, By Hannah~ 
           Hannah, in fear's tight grip, managed to calm down. Angrily she swung her head, pulling her hair from the knight's hands. She had sense enough to heed his threat and didn't try to run. But her fear kindled the fire of anger burning inside her, urging words from her throat. " 'Live to see morning' " she spat, "So now King John is killing innocent girls!"

           The knight's large fingers closed around her slim wrist. Hannah smothered a cry of pain. The knight ,surprisingly kind, explained, "You were trying to escape. A penalty charged by death." Before Hannah could reply ,the once kind voice, turned demanding. He rotated his head just enough so that he was facing the still pursing knights. "Go back to your posts before "Highness" catches us all here!"

           He released Hannah's wrist and placed his hand on a sword hanging by his side. Motioning to Isabella and Maria, watching a couple feet away, he asked noncommittally "Your friends?" Hannah, horrified by his calmness, swung to face him, "No you, you, you brute! That is my SISTER!"

           Reaching them they all formed a small huddle. The knights kind voice returned "An introduction to you ladies is at hand. I am Sir Hood." With a glance around he added carefully, "But you may call me...Robert Hood...or if you rather just Rob will suit me fine."

         He finished with a grin as he read the girls surprised faces. Hannah began, most politely, " Oh! You must accept my apology. I was ever so rude. and I had no idea..I mean..that..." ,but ended a little confused. Robert smoothed the awkward feeling with a large laugh, which he quickly ended, as to not attract other knights.

        Isabella was excited at the sound of a name she had often heard her parents talk about. "You mean THE Robert Hood? Right, Rob? You are here to help us?" She finished unsure. A nod from Hood and the color returned to their pale faces. " I must get you girls somewhere safe. You are now my responsibility. I promised." Maria started, quiet and shy. "Sir Hood, Who did you promise?"

~To be Continued...


  1. I loved your part!! It was really good! :)

  2. Hehe! The only disappointing part was I could't think of a more suspenseful ending. :( But it was so fun! Thank You for the encouragement girls!
    ~Love Hannah~

  3. *applause* YAY! Great Job Hannah! You are such a talented writer!!!
    <3 Laura

  4. Oh I just love this part! Getting better and better with each part!

  5. Wow!! That was awesome! Made me think of Robin Hood. lol:) And the ending was awesome!! A Cliff Hanger! :)

  6. Emma! Glad you caught the "Robin Hood" I twisted in there! I only used it because the evil King John, Just like in Robin Hood! Thank you again everyone for the encouragement. It was so fun!
    ~Love Hannah~