Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hiding from royalty part 14

Written By:Danielle

All of the girls were so terrified when the bar fell. "What are we going to do?!" Maria exclaimed in a whisper. "Is anyone over there?!" shouted a knight. "Girls be quiet." whispered Hannah. "Oh no! We are going to get caught!" Isabella said in a soft but terrified voice. Maria turned her head and all of a sudden, she saw a knight. "Run girls, Run!" Shouted Hannah. They all jumped off the ledge and ran as fast as they could not trying to look back at three more knights. "Stop immediately!" Said 1 knight. "Run!" Shouted Isabella. Maria ran so fast she was getting very tired and out of breath. Maria, slowing down, almost fell but told herself, Come on Maria, this is for your friends father. Keep going. The knights bolted as fast as they could. Maria, Hannah, and Isabella were all so dull and wanted to stop. "Hide behind this tree girls!" whispered Hannah to the girls. The knights were way behind them. They all hid behind the tree trying to keep warm in the brisk wind.

Will Hannah, Maria, and Isabella get caught? Will they be able to save Hannah and Isabella's father?

To be continued...