Friday, November 2, 2012

A Friend For Grace.... Part 1

I remember the day exactly. The first day of Fall, of the year 1867.  7:38 A.M.

I was sitting at my desk, writing. I love writing on days filled with sunshine and good weather.
Looking out my window, I could just feel and see the events of Fall happening already.

"Grace!" Mother called.

When I came from downstairs, Mother was waiting for me, as usual, so she could immediately tell me what needs to be done so I could start helping.

"Grace, I need you to get some eggs for breakfast, and feed the chickens, your Father
refilled the bucket with the feed last night, and said for you to give them three scoops
in the bucket, and to give them water." Said Mother.

"Alright!" answered Grace.
"You seem in a very joyful mood this morning Grace!"
"Yes! I love Fall!"
"Well we have a quite a bit of things to do so you will need it!"
"Okay Mother."

As I went outside, I just wanted to stop and glance at this wonderful season God had given us.
But, then I remembered, breakfast, and the chickens. So I hurried off, and feed the chickens, three scoops exactly, just as Father asked. And gave them water, collected the eggs, and headed to the house.

"Here you are Mother!" As I handed her the collection basket filled with enough eggs to feed our family of seven.

"Thank you Grace!" said Mother.
"Your Welcome!"
"Grace, could you start dusting the sitting room?"
"Thank you dear Grace! I don`t know what I would do without you some days!"

As I walked into the sitting room, I picked up the duster, and started to dust.
When I headed over to the tall wooden drawer cabinet, I saw a newspaper for that day.
I assumed it was Fathers from this morning. I picked it up, and read the headline.

                          "IMMIGRANTS FROM GERMANY
                      ARRIVING TUESDAY!"

                                       To Be Continued.....


  1. Oooh......this sounds good Aaliyah!! Can't wait to see what happens next!!

  2. Sooo Great! I love it! Can't wait for the next part!

    ~God Bless,

  3. So nice to see a post up again! Missed it, can't wait for the next one, hope it's soon, soon!