Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Friend for Grace~Part Eight~

Hi everyone! I'm Alivia--one of the new contributors! I just thought I'd share my bio  with you! I hope you like my part!
Hi! My name is Alivia.  I am almost 13 and I have 3 sisters!  I like to read, play piano, play outside because I love nature, go on walks around our neighborhood!  I love animals especially horses and puppies.  I love writing stories!!  I love my family and I am a Christian who loves God so much!!

I held my breath and looked at Papa. The expression on his face changed, his eyes softened. "Well, Wilhelm, there's a first time for everything, isn't there?" Wilhelm looked up at Papa, his eyes wide and scared. He nodded slowly. "In-in Germany,  my Mutter and Vater and I would-would go to-to church on Sonntag. Then, Vater decided to-to move to Amerika and then--" he stopped and looked around at everyone, like he had said more than he had intended to say. Papa cleared his throat. "Well, then I guess you'll be able to fit right in, then." Wilhelm nodded slowly and climbed into the wagon and sat as close to me as he could.

That afternoon, after getting home from church, Wilhelm and I went outside. We sat against my favorite old oak tree and just listened to the wind. Then, Wilhelm started talking again, slowly at first, but then it came pouring out. "After Vater decided to move to Amerika, we pack and pack. Mutter did not want to go, she like our home in Deutschland. But Vater said, "We go to Amerika," so we go. On the schiff, Mutter and Vater be very sick. Then, Mutter--she, she died. Vater died soon after. I was alone. A kind lady helped me find my way to an Waisenhaus and they sent me here to your family." I sat there, stunned. Wilhelm had just told me what was the inner source of all his sorrows. I didn't know what else to do but to put my arm around him.

Translation for German words:


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  1. Wonderful, Alivia! Thank you for adding in some German words!