Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Friend For Grace - Part Seven

By Madeline. :)

''Get up, get up! It's time to rise and shine,'' Mother sang. The sounds of her melody drifted into my room, even though it was up in the attic.
I groaned, and moved stiffly. I opened my eyes sleepily and peeked at the bed Lily and Margaret shared. It was empty.
''Grace, if I have to come up there...,'' Mother warned. I was out of my bed in a flash. I quickly threw a dress on--a nicer one, because it was Sunday-- and ran down the steps to the kitchen.
''Eat quickly Grace; it's almost time to leave for church,'' Mother said. I sat down at the table and she put a plate loaded with eggs, sausage and potatoes in front of me. ''Thanks,'' I said, my words mixed because of the food already in my mouth.

''Where's Wilhelm?'' Papa asked. We were all at the front door, ready to leave--except for Wilhelm, that was. ''I'll find him,'' Lily volunteered. She walked off, her blonde curls bouncing. Several thumps, sounds of glass breaking and sighs later, Lily appeared, marching Wilhelm behind her. ''Your China vase broke and the books all spilled out of the bookshelf,'' Lily said apologetically to Mother. Mother only sighed and closed her eyes.
''Are you ready to leave for church, Wilhelm?'' Papa asked, tactfully avoiding the topic of the vase and the bookshelf. Wilhelm shook his head wildly, his wide eyes staring at me. It's almost like he's trying to tell me something, I thought. I racked my brain for what it could be.
I cleared my throat. ''Uh, I don't think Wilhelm has ever, uh, been to church before,'' I said feebly. Wilhelm nodded.