Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Friend for Grace~Part 9~

Hi, everyone! This is Jan, and my first post! Yay! :). I hope you like A Friend for Grace, part 9! :)

Wilhelm didn't pull away. One more thought flashed through my mind. The violin! When Papa had played his violin, Wilhelm's eyes had lit up. Why, I wondered. Should I even bring it up?
"Wilhelm, um, I..." I broke off, then began again. "Wilhelm, do you like the violin?" Maybe he'd tell me why.
"Yes. I...." Now Wilhelm broke off, and his face took on a dreamy, happy look. He gave a deep sigh and began talking. "When Mutter, Vater, and I lived in Deutschland, I used to visit a man named Johannes Brahms. I ran into him one day while out, and apologized, but he didn't care. He invited me to his house for a lunch. He was a very nice man, and a famous violinist too. He used to allow me to play on his violin, and he said I had talent. He was going to help me get on the stage, but.." his voice turned into a whisper. "...when we left, the violin was gone for me too." Suddenly I understood. Hmmm, I thought. Maybe Papa could let him practice on his violin. You never know unless you try! I jumped to my feet.
"Come on!" I said. "Lets go see Papa!"


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  3. Great Jan! That's so cool that you got Brahms in there!!

  4. No one has posted in the past 2 MONTHS! What happened?!