Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Winner!

First off, thank you to everyone who entered! I enjoyed reading all the entries immensely and hope we can do this again soon!

*announcer voice* And now... For the winner... *drumroll*

AIZESS! Congrats, Aizess!

I picked her paragraph because I was immediately impressed with her writing style. And the fact that it was very short, yet it captured my attention right away and made me want to keep reading. Well done, Aizess!

Here is her entry:

By the time he arrived, he knew he was too late. He opened the ornately carved, cherry wood entrance door and heard nothing. Everything was silent. Too silent. Even the wind held its breath and refrained from rustling the few golden-red leaves left on the trees. He looked around with the air of a thief and suddenly tore through the house searching for his target: his wife. He made a thorough search through all the rooms, but to no avail. Yet, instead of being discouraged, his dark eyes gleamed with a dangerous excitement. “I will find her––no matter the cost.”

Thanks again to everyone who entered! They all the entries were fantastic and I look forward to seeing some of that writing talent in another story! 


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